• Mary Lifeunderway
    Hello, everyone! So glad that Ray has started this forum, and looking forward to virtually meeting you all.

    My husband and I have lived all over the US, as our job (we own a consulting firm) allows us to be anywhere. After years of moving frequently, we settled for 5 years on the Olympic Peninsula and the Salish Sea in Washington State, with a view of open water, islands, and snow-capped mountains... but even the incredible beauty of that home could not keep us from feeling like we need to be nomadic. So we sold our home in February and hit the road in our 2018 Sunseeker 3010DS Class C motorhome.

    After a few months we both realized that a fifth-wheel would have been better for full-timing and boondocking, so we're selling the Class C and the '99 Jeep Sahara, and we've bought a Ford F350 King Ranch diesel dually and a Grand Design Reflection 303RLS. (Know anyone who wants a 2018 Class C with a boatload of solar (1050W), 400AH lithiuim batteries, and upgrades galore, with a toad thrown in?! Let me know!)

    Currently we're stuck in south Texas until we move everything from one rig to the other, so this is definitely not in keeping with our goal of chasing 70-degree weather. Once we have made arrangements to sell the motorhome we'll be heading to cooler climes with our wonderful rescued Heeler/Beagle?/Corgi? Hayley. We lost our beloved Patty last year a few months before Angie passed away and thought we'd never get another dog because none could match her... we think she had a hand in leading us to Hayley, who brings us immeasurable joy and love.

    Nice to meet you all, and I look forward to shamelessly mooching off your wisdom :wink:
  • Logan X
    Sounds like a great adventure! Welcome to the forum!
  • RVsolar
    Did I hear moonshine LOL Welcome
  • Greg F
    I have heard good things about the Grand Design brand. Cute Pup!
  • Mike645
    Welcome Mary, keep us updated to how things are moving along for you,
    as they say Happy Travels. Margo
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