• Jim Duce
    Why Did Putco 1 Shatter?

    When I bought my Dodge Ram in 2012, I installed WeatherTech floormats front and back and WeatherTech polycarbonate window shades on all four windows.

    The window shades are supposed to deflect rain drops if your window is open, say at a drive through teller, keep out debris (unspecified) reduce wind noise, improve ventilation, and generally look cool.
    My Ram is six inches too long to fit in my garage so I reluctantly park on the street during summer months when my rig, both truck and trailer, are not in winter storage.

    Wednesday morning, I discovered that the front passenger side window shade was missing. These things fit in the channel between window and door frame and are further anchored by sticky tape.
    Window shades seldom fall off on their accord so someone must have removed it for me. It was gone. I looked up and down the street. It was gone. I was not amused.

    Parts Source wanted $200.00 plus shipping for a front set. Amazon carried window shades to fit my Ram for $159.00 but I couldn’t take delivery until July 2, days after I left for vacation.
    Sherwood Park Dodge did not have WeatheTech but they carried less expensive Putco shades for $107.00 and they had them in stock! A miracle. Nothing is ever in stock, but here they were, bought and paid for and in the back of my truck waiting instillation.

    I unpacked and unpeeled the protective coating from the window shade and as per instructions fit the front end into channel between window and door. I gently pressed it into place, until, almost finished, I gave the plastic strip a little more pressure...and the damn thing shattered in my hand, breaking into four shards.

    Fortunately, the original WeatherTech shade for that window was undamaged. I replaced it where it had always been.

    Now I have three Putco window shades and one WeatherTech on my Ram. The remaining three Putco shades, 2 through 4, went on easily. The fit between the WeatherTeck and Putco shades is close enough that no one will notice except me, but IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!

    Why did Putco 1 shatter? Was it something horrible I did in another existence? Did I tease my wife once too often about the marble like mashed potatoes in her shepherd’s pie? Does my dog have telepathic powers of revenge and is still upset because I did not take him with me one day last week? He peed on the floor, wasn’t that sufficient retribution? I will never know.

    Meanwhile, I think I need a drink!
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