• Ray
    Just got a special Love Your RV discount on the Safari UT battery all setup. Makes the price $799
    Basically matches their dealers lowest advertise prices but deal direct from Lion Energy company.
    Click this Link Then during the check out enter the coupon code – LYRVUT1200
  • RVsolar
    SWEET !!!! Want to lend me oh about 6000 US. L
  • Ray
    Looks pretty decent in there, glad to see some heavy wires. I was surprised by the capacity test of only 80AH. I just did a low amperage drain test over the last 5-6 days on my three battery bank. 270 AH rated capacity and came in at 267 AH according to my Trimetric and the BMS hadn't cut out yet, but the battery voltage was 11.5V so I called it quits. I'm getting ready to do a high amp discharge test next so will see if I get similar results pulling a hundred amps.
  • Greg F
    Discharge rate will vary the achievable capacity. I saw the above posted video earlier today. What does Lion rate the 1200WH at? 1C discharge? If so the YouTuber has a point about their claims. I had a feeling something might give by how light the battery is. Looking inside it just looks like 4 prismatic cells connected in series with a BMS mounted in the case as well. I think he stated they were 3.2v @90 AH on the cells so connecting 4 in series should build a 90ah battery, not 100.

    Nothing wrong with 90AH and cells like these are available in different capacities. Really it comes down to $/AH. 90ah for 800 dollars is 8.88 dollars per AH. A battle born 100AH. battery at 950 bucks is $9.50 per AH so the Lion is cheaper. Just buy more units to make the bank what you need.

    For those inclined building a battery like this isn't hard. You can see just how simple the components are in the video. It's just a matter of connecting together cells in series and adding any number of aftermarket BMS. (4) 3.2v/100AH prismatic cells, busbars and BMS should be in the 600 dollar range. That would be a very high quality cell that have capacity beyond the nominal rating. Our 100AH cells all produce 15% or more than the 100Ah rating.

    You will need to build a box or have a place to secure them in the RV.

    Just for fun here is a pic of a friend building a battery bank for his truck camper. They are building an expedition vehicle using a Ford F550 and a Host Mammoth. This bank is 1440 (not a typo) AH using (32) 180AH prismatic cells. He has 1200 watts of solar. This is sort of like my system on steroids.

    This what 400 pounds of lithium power looks like. He had the box custom made. I think that should be enough for a truck camper. :)

  • Ray
    I just got an email from Lion that they are changing their marketing to now state 90Ah and 1100 Wh. I remember when I first read the manual it said 90AH rated capacity and pointed that out to them. Came up again when I was setting my Trimetric capacity and was advised best to set to 90AH rate.
  • Ray
    Just finish a fairly high amperage test. Fully charged one of the Safari UT batteries until the BMS cut the charging voltage then added a continuous load of around 82 amps using my inverter powering a space heater set in 900-watt mode.
    My Trimetric battery monitor was showing 0.00 AH to start the test, at the end of the test when the battery alarm went off and BMS cut off for low voltage the Trimitrec monitor read 87.5 amp-hours used.

    Will continue doing several more tests I have planned. Likey publish a full testing and demo video next week.
  • Greg F
    Good test! You are close to 1C discharge rate and the battery produced very close to that 90Ah rating. Sounds like a successful test for Lion. I imagine you may get over 90Ah with a lower C rate. Look forward to the results video.

    Hows the floor repair going?
  • Ray
    Hows the floor repair going?Greg F

    Ok, not in a big rush as we are here for a few more months. I got rid of all the rot. Looks like I have about 16"x36" to replace out our 12"x3" side, so not too bad.
  • Ray
    Now that I have installed and begun my review of the Lion Energy Safari UT lithium iron phosphate (LIFePO4) battery, there have been quite a few questions popping up from my LYRV readers and viewers. Rather than continue to answer the common questions over and over, I've decided to publish Q & A type post to consolidate the answers in one place.

    First up is a video with me going through the various questions and below that the same in text form.  I've consulted with the company to make sure my answers are correct. Going forward I'll update the text portion as newer questions arise and once there are enough I'll maybe add a second video.  Cheers, Ray

    See Blog Post on LYRV for the full text of questions and any updates - https://www.loveyourrv.com/lion-energy-safari-ut-lithium-battery-q-a/
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