• Doug Schneider
    Hi All, Well, I did it. I just traded up for a 19 F350 SD. I need a new hitch for my 5er. I'm looking at the 20K # BW Companion and the same with Curt thru etrailer. I can buy both locally for the same price as etrailer. Just looking for experiences and opinions from you all. Both can be adjusted so hopefully my tow will be level.Thanks in advance for your replies.
  • Rolland
    There are some great videos on YouTube by B&W. Search for BWtrailers there and watch the onenon their history and watch the NBC news clip from soon after the 2008 market crash.

    I’ve had their Companion for about 3 years and it is seriously the best hitch I’ve owned which includes a total of 4 over the years. If you want to move it out of the truck plan to buy a hoist of some sorts. It’s heavy but that is also what makes a very quiet hitch in tow.
  • Roadkingfl
    I had a 2015 F450 with the B&W. The best hitch I had ever owned. We don't have the fiver anymore, but if I ever did, I would definitely get another B&W.
  • bookoo
    I have the Curt A20 hitch which is the upgrade to the Q20. I chose the A20 because of the locking jaw system over the closed jaw system. Hooking and especially unhooking is a breeze. Removing the hitch is a one person job. Putting the hitch up in the bed works better with two people. Price point is a plus also.
  • Grant M
    In please with my B&H, had it three years.
  • Doug Schneider
    Well, the B&W is installed and I love it. Took a while to do since one of the puck arms wouldn't turn in and be able to reinstall the cotter pin as needed. I installed in the center bolt holes and may end up dropping the arms down to the lower holes once I get on a good level surface to see how she rides.I did a hookup in the drive and everything was a breeze. Gonna have to get a taller stool for next to the truck bed since I can't reach the handle/pin with the current stool I have. LOL. I will get to tow with it next weekend for the first time. Had to wait to get my 1K miles on the truck or would have already taken her out for a test drive.
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