• Amy Mattingly
    Does anyone have the CloZures RV Door Window Shade in their RV door? If so, do you like the product? I'm not asking how the installation went because from the online tutorial looks pretty straight-forward. I'm wondering if replacing the frosted door window with the adjustable shutter blind over a clear window gives added light to the trailer in addition to being able to see who's at the door. I'm also wondering if it's easy to use the lever for opening and closing the shade.
  • Ray
    Here is what one of my YouTube commenters said about it.
    Was in the comments to this video - https://youtu.be/UNguo5AKZfk

    For keeping cool, adding privacy, and still be able to see out your RV door's window, check out RV Door Window CloZures (www.zarcor.com). I recently installed their kit on my 5th wheel's front door. It works well -- like vertical "blinds" for the door window, but they are operated from the inside without having to open the screen door. Simple, neat design. Comes with or without your choice of clear glass or tinted to replace the frosted glass, plus room-darkening or translucent shades in different colors. Might make a good installation video for you to do. - Thomas Levy
  • Rolland
    I looked at these, after they sent a sample decided against it as I would always have the opening blocked by the vertical stripes.

    Instead I went with the clear glass and shade from Ross RV Innovations, https://www.rossrvinnovations.info/window-kit/

    Love the clear glass, the shade is a bit funky as it installed on 4 magnets to the screen. It is attached to the inside of the screen on the inside so useable without the door being open, then rolls up and snaps to keep from coming down. We rarely need it so just leave it rolled up in a cabinet nearby.
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