• Ray
    Well I just uncovered some spongy floorboard on the corner of my side out. This was in an area I have repaired a leak on some flashing a few years ago https://www.loveyourrv.com/leaky-rv-slide-room-repair-reseal/
    I've been watching that area and lately more has been going soft.
    Doesn't look like it's coming down the walls. I think what is happening is during heavy rain the water runs off the slide-out roof, down the wall and then curls under the bottom lip and has slowly over the years wicked through the plastic covering and settled into the plywood, thank god it is plywood!
    We tend to park a slightly nose high so makes sense the back is getting it and not the front.

    I luckily have lots of good floor board left, So, I think my easiest fix is to remove the damaged wood area. Then add a piece of thick plywood to the top floor under my daybed. This will give me something to screw into from below and add a new piece cut to shape. Maybe screw and glue it on.


    I think I had the same thing going on that this guy explains

  • Rolland
    Check out the Slide Skis on this video (not the same as the plastic strips to protect floor covering). I just learned about them and haven’t found them on line but the guy who did the video has info of the RV parts place he purchased them from. This looks a lot like your problem.

    I’d be tempted if you don’t mind spending the $$ to get some Marine Grade Plywood.

    The Slide Skis look to provide the water release many old wood windows had routed on the underside of the sill so water couldn’t work it’s way back to the wall. Much like a drip edge on a house roof with a gutter below
  • Greg F
    Nice that the camper is framed with aluminum or this could be a much bigger project. Just goes to show that even with diligent maintenance water will find a way. :(
  • Ray
    Good idea on the plywood. I'm the thinking once I have the boarding repairs done I'll install metal flashing around the corner bead and a fair distance underneath. Since I'm gonna have everything apart anyway and rebuild it. :)
  • Al Ewers
    Hi Ray -

    I recommend after everything is together you spray the underside (at least) with Rhino Hyde or equivalent if possible. I bought an ATV trailer years ago & prior to fastening 3/4" plywood to the expanded metal deck I coated the bottom & edges of the plywood with RH & once it was in place I went over the top with two coats. The regular 3/4" plywood was less expensive than Marine Grade & the extra thick coat of RH stood up to my high pressure washer when cleaning very muddy ATVs.
  • Eddie Aileen
    Howdy Ray!
    What a mess, sorry you have that happen to your rig.
    As you know.....we have been there & done that repair/MOD.Here is the video from where we had the same problem, but from condensation.
    Happy Trails...Pal!!!
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