• Ray
    Came across this video of some of the stuff that is available to boondockers in Australia.
    Looks like pretty sweet equipment. http://www.enerdrive.com.au/

  • Rush and Lola
    Very interesting, watched it and learn a lot. Thanks Ray for finding this.
  • Ray
    Yeah, been watching quite a few now from Aussie land, they have some really rugged trailers over there, lots of off-road stuff. Interesting to see some of the equipment.
    I liked the DC-DC charger they have for charging 40 amps off the vehicle while traveling. I guess they stick those in their 4x4s a lot.
    I'd like to get over there for a few months one year and do some outback RV camping or maybe visit the Gold Coast.
  • Rush and Lola
    I remember as a child my father wanted to move there but Mom was scared to leave her drama family. A local company out of Charlotte was hiring and we went and Dad did a interview. I was 9 at the time. I was ready.
  • Greg F
    Renogy offers a 20 and 40 amp dc to dc charger. Reading through the product manual I see they also list a 60 amp model. I haven't seen that available for sale anywhere so maybe a future product. The key is using large enough cable to account for voltage drop. I have seen some pretty good reviews on these. They could definitely be a great way to go especially for people that drive often from spot to spot. It could allow for a reduction in solar system sizing.

    Renogy dc-dc charger

    I have been kicking around the idea of using an inverter mounted to the truck and charging the camper with the 120v power. through the alternator/inverter. The 120v doesn't suffer much from the line voltage drop and it could be kind of cool to have a 120v power source on the truck when the campers not on it. The inverter would be switched on and off by the trucks ignition system. I am wondering what pitfalls this arrangement might have aside from locating the inverter where it is protected from moisture and heat and making sure that the wire is well protected between the inverter and the camper charger.. I haven't seen anyone go this way. I am sure it has been done. Curious as to anyones experience going this route.
  • Ray
    When I bought my new truck I upgraded from the stock 180 amp alternator to the 220 amp option in case down the road I wanted to wire something up. Looks like a good thing to have for traveling the cloudy coast when we move every few days could charge up my new big lithium bank during the day's drive.
  • RVsolar
    good find yes the Gold Coast an New Zeland .
    Nice to see and hear an honest explanation of the capabilities of lithium. I liked it when he commented it was usually the operator or the system which causes failure of any type of battery. I don't let my flooded batteries drop below 70% if possible since it takes a while to charge them with solar.If I had lithium it would be the same amount of time to charge EXCEPT the 15% overcharge.When I can afford them the cost should be cheaper LOLOLOL :blush:
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