• UncleSam
    Hello all. We have a seven year old granddaughter who really loves to go camping with us. Besides the bedroom, we have a sleeper sofa. The mattress on this is horrible. We bought a twin size air mattress, but this gets in the way when inflated and is a pain to deflate every day. We are looking for a replacement mattress for the sofa online. All claim to be great sleepers but we are a little hesitant. My personal experience on sleeper sofas - not good. Has anyone had experience with any of these replacements - memory foam, etc. Thanks Sam
  • Edward
    Hey Sam, hoping you get some answers. All the 5th wheels we have looked at (don’t have yet) don’t look like that sofa pullout would be comfortable AT ALL. Me and my wife are always on different sleep times it seems and that bed mattress and the tri fold would need changed immediately. Heard of a couple companies on you tube that supposed to do exact sizing.
  • ScotnDeb
    We put a 2 inch memory foam on our fold out and it works well! It folds right up with the mattress with no issues and makes the couch a little firmer!
  • UncleSam
    We might have to try that. Several replacements we saw online promise comfort, but are 4 inches thick.
    Reviews were positive except quite a few people said the thick foam wouldn't fold up with the sofa. An extra queen sized mattress would be unhandy in a camper and hard to send back. We might have to go that route and try a memory foam topper.Thanks for the info. Sam
  • Doug Schneider
    We felt your pain, literally. We replaced ours in our 5er as soon as we got it because we have G'kids and friends that stay with us. This is the one we found on Amazon and everyone who has slept on it has loved it. Even our adults kids have commented on how nice it was for a hide a bed mattress. Hope this helps.
  • Rolland
    we found a 1” memory topper for the bed in our fifth wheel. It sits a bit higher than normal from the storage below and didn’t want to add the height of a 2” topper. It has worked well for us and might fold up easier than a 2” topper
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