• Chris Vogeler
    I have a 2016 PRIME TIME TRACER 2640RLS with a Dometic 13,500 BTU AC rooftop unit. Has been working fine. Has sat for about 1 month and now when I turn on the AC it starts, I can hear the compressor kick in about 30 seconds later but zero cold air. Can this be a home repair or do I need to take it to a dealer? Am I possible overlooking something? I've thought about replacing the unit with a low pro model that would be more quiet so maybe that's the way for me to go rather than spend dollars on a repair if that's needed? Really appreciate any advice or suggestions. Chris Vogeler Tyler Texas area
  • Rush and Lola
    See if you have a RV tech in the area. We find them better than dealership techs. Call Dometic maybe they can help.
  • Ray
    Id it blowing air?
  • Chris Vogeler
    Hello Ray, Yes it's blowing air. Everything with the AC unit is working as normal it's just not cold. I'm wondering if there could be a circuit breaker under the hood on the roof or something like that which I could be overlooking? It's as if the R22 / freon leaked out but the unit is only 3 years old. Thank you for replying. Chris V.
  • Chris Vogeler
    Thank you Rush and Lola I'm going to call Dometic directly and will post what they tell me.
  • Chris Vogeler
    And you're correct, dealers many times are not the best place for help a local tech could be much more responsive and more cost effective good tip!
  • Ray
    If the compressor is indeed running, sure does sound like low refrigerant.
  • DHN
    Most of the new AC units do not have ports to add Freon. There are kits to add them, but cost of part and labor to install, you are close to a new unit.
  • Robert B
    I'm on my 4th Dometic unit on a 2015 TT. All were replaced under warranty. This last one appears to be a newer version of the 13.5k model. So far it's been perfect. Two of the prior failures were refrigerant leaks; other was compressor failure. Yours sounds like it's a refrigerant leak.
  • Chris Vogeler
    Update on Dometic Brisk AC unit. Spoke with Dometic customer service and a local dealer have learned I'm most likely out of refrigerant. The Dometic Brisk series have a closed system meaning they are not refillable so the AC unit which is only 3 years old probably is not repairable. It's going to the shop the shop on 8-20 will post another update after the repair or replacement is completed.
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