• Dave Messner
    Hi. Thanks Ray for the invite a while back.
    This is my first post/question. My dometic rv refrigerator
    seems to have a mind of it's own. Had it on for a week before leaving on 5 week trip to Michigan. Temp. 33°.
    Understand that with it off during travel to next stop it will be off and temt will rise. On 1 week stop the temperature fluctuates to 38° one day, 50° the next. Put it on propane overnight. Temp next morning 47°. Now its 39° on electric.
    Just doesn't seem to be consistent. Understand that outside temp. will have effect also. Checked all electrical connections and seem to be ok. Have a yeti cooler for extra help. Any sugestions?
    P.S. Thanks Ray for the invite a while back. Very interesting forum.
    Dave Messner
  • Ray
    You're welcome, Dave. :)
    Does seem odd. Unless I open the door a lot mine stays right around 33-35F measured on the top shelf.
    I wonder if there is some issue with your door seal, if it doesn't seal well it slowly lets warm air in.
    Maybe try giving it a good cleaning all around.
  • Dave Messner
    Thanks Ray, will check that. It's on electric now and temp has gone up to 46. Maybe will turn it on propane again and see what happens
  • Dave Messner
    Forgot to mention that the freezer compartment keeps everything frozen. Freeze a 1 gallon container of water every evening.
  • Ray
    Forgot to mention that the freezer compartment keeps everything frozen. Freeze a 1 gallon container of water every evening.Dave Messner
    That would make me suspect the door seal even more. Another thing to check is the drain hose, make sure it has a loop in it so it can hold some water. If it doesn't what happens is warm air can come into the fridge from outside through it.
  • Dave Messner
    Will check that too. Thanks
  • Greg F
    It would help to keep the fridge running while you drive. Ammonia absorption fridges take a while to cool down from ambient temp. Shutting it off while driving has a lasting affect towards recooling when you arrive.

    I'm not aware of any modern LP fridges that recommend against using while driving.
  • Rush and Lola
    That's why its nice having a solar setup to put frig on electric when traveling.
  • Dave Messner
    Thanks Greg. Just was worried about driving with propane on.

    Rush and Lola. Just not there yet for solar setup.
  • Colibabas
    We had a similar issue and the RV tech had found insulation had fallen down not allowing air flow to escape out the exterior side vent.
  • Robert B
    We run on propane all the time while driving. We found that the unit quickly warms up if it's off, especially in summer. Just remember to turn it off when refueling. Fumes and flame can be dangerous.
  • drivingdazee
    Hi Dave. Had similar refrigerator issues a year ago while we were on the road. Finally called a mobile rv tech. He tested the propane pressure and found it was quite inconsistent. Put on a new dual stage regulator at the tank and the fridge has been working fine since. Just thought I’d throw in my 2 cents worth.
    Btw we travel all the time with our fridge on propane except when we fuel or add propane.
  • Dave Messner
    Thanks for propane info. Will have tech check .
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