• UncleSam
    About 18 months ago I purchased a 50 amp EMS from Progressive Industries. This spring it started making a loud buzzing noise, almost like a relay chattering very fast. It didn't interrupt current flow and the noise would stop and start. It was loud enough to wake you up at night. They are supposedly guaranteed against everything but ignorance. I called Progressive and they gave me instructions as to what to do.(plainly stated online if I'd read it). I e-mailed two pictures and filled out an short form online. Luckily my wife had the receipt, and I e-mailed that also. My claim was acknowledged the same day, and one day later I was advised that they would ship me a new unit within a few days. They wanted to look at the old one and are sending a postpaid shipping label.Very refreshing these days. A company that does what they said they would. Kudos to Progressive.
  • Rush and Lola
    Good Ole North Carolina folk.So they use to be in Cary, NC.
  • Ray
    That's good to hear because I believe the original family-run operation was bought out a few years ago.
  • UncleSam
    I think you are right. I was reading about that somewhere and the poster was complaining about a warranty claim being denied. I also saw some pictures of what people had sent in for warranty. Two sides to everything, but I was very pleased with their service
    I was very pleased with their warranty service also. I installed a hard wired EMS 30C in our fifth wheel and headed south for the winter:blush: Unfortunately these surge protectors don't like (won't work) being hooked to an inverter (even pure sine wave) We are in the desert and I run the trailer 24/7 off my inverter so I had to turn the EMS to bypass mode. Part way through last winter it would not allow any power to pass through and I had to remove it, they replaced it no problem but I saw no point in installing it so it sits in the basement. Knowing what I do now I should have bought the portable unit and plugged it in when needed. I tried to get progressive to ship me a portable instead and I would pay any extra cost but they said they are not in the retail side and had to send me an exact replacement, oh well!!!!
  • Ray
    Maybe install a second 30 amp receptacle that is after the EMS30C in the power input circuit to use with the inverter. With an inverter, you don't really need the EMS30C as the inverter already has protections built-in and you know its output is wired correctly. Or maybe buy a waterproof junction box for it, make it portable. Just a thought.

    I remember talking to PI support about the inverter issue as I blew a board on mine trying to test to see if my Champion generator could power my AC unit. They sent out a new one.
    He said the problem was that under extra-heavy loads some pure sine inverters will briefly lose the pure sine wave and it will become jagged, which causes a failure to one of the protection devices on a board in the EMS. It would be very rare for shore power to lose a pure sine but I guess it happens to some inverters and generators.
  • Steve S
    I had a very good response from Progressive Industries. I had picked up an ex-rental RV (still under warranty) and found my batteries would not charge via the converter. The RV dealer was a 3 hour drive away, so not convenient to drop it off with them.

    An e-mail to Progressive Industries and they quickly responded and sent me a new unit direct to me. Not an issue for me to replace the unit, and saved me time and gas if I had to return to the dealer. All covered under the warranty, so no costs at all to me.
  • Deleted User
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