• Ray
    In this video, I review the Energizer 2000 watt generator. (Model eZV3200P)

    First, we have a look at the controls, features, and included accessories. Then we remove the covers and have a look inside.

    After a tour inside, I perform various comparison tests against the larger eZV3200P 3200-watt model and my 8-year old Champion 2000 watt generator.

    From 10 feet away I measure/compare the three generators dB noise levels at full RPM, in Econo mode and while powering a 1500 watt load. Then the 2000W generators head to head in maximum load tests using a 1500W electric space heater and an adjustable wattage heat gun.

    Overall I was quite impressed with the Energizer eZV2000P power output given its small size and weight. Build quality looks good. Fuel consumption is low. 1 gallon provides 15.5 hours @ 25% power output and 4.2 hours @ 100% output. Not bad at all

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  • Greg F
    You definitely have options if you want to run a generator. Will you be bringing all 4 along on your next snowbird trip?
  • Ray
    The first few years I brought both Champions thinking I'd need AC sometimes, but found out we can deal with the odd 90-degree day in the desert just with fans and by sundown, it cools off quick. So I switched to just taking one Champion for a few years. Last year I took the big 3200w Energizer to test it out but found it too heavy and noisy, and didn't really need that much power.
    Guess this year I'll see if Energizer wants to loan me the little one for the snowbird trip, if not I'll be taking a Champion. I usually leave my spares with family so they can use if the power goes out during the winter storms we get here on the BC coast. High winds often blow down trees.
  • Greg F
    Since you have upgraded batteries and are thinking about more solar you could replace your inverter with a larger hybrid inverter. The hybrid inverter will use both batteries and generator together when the load requires it to energize the whole coach. These inverter chargers would also charge your batteries at a high rate from a generator when solar isn't keeping up. I'm sure Eddie could help you with options.

    With a set up like this a single 2000 watt generator should work well.
  • Ray
    They are nice but pricey and not really high on my needs list so can sit on the huge wishlist. ;) I don't have many high wattage appliances to power. I'd be spending a bunch of money to run the microwave and toaster which I really don't miss much off-grid. I love to cook using the gas range and BBQ.
    I've had the generator for years and rarely use it for appliances its almost exclusively used for battery charging. Our big AC power draws are computers, camera chargers, sometimes a little TV, Anne's electric blanket, egg cooker, other small loads, etc. Even the 1000W is overkill for those.

    I don't really like to run the generator mostly it's a backup power source, hate the noise and fumes, the last trip it got about 30-40 hours use. Occasionally I'll fire it up if Anne wants to blow dry her hair, usually, she likes to air dry as blow drying frizzes it out.
  • Ray
    In this video, I update you on how the Energizer eZV2000P 2000W generator is performing for us. I show the generator running and charging my new Lion Energy lithium batteries showing the noise levels. I also let you know how much fuel it consumes.

    Noise measures around 60dB and it consumes about 1 gallon every 4 hours charging my battery bank. Overall I'm happy with its performance and appreciate the lightweight versus the 3200W model.
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