• Ray
    Took the truck and scoped out a couple BLM sites in the area around Willcox AZ today.

    Indian Bread Rocks - Really pretty area but limited sites for a larger rig, maybe 2 or 3 from what I saw. There was a large lump on the road into more sites. Did see a smaller fifth wheel deeper in. Must have had decent bed rail clearance.
    If have a smaller rig there are quite a few neat spots, most not very level. Free to camp.

    Dashcam footage of drive into Indian Bread Rocks

    Hot Well Dunes - Kind of neat they have concrete hot tubs supplied by hot springs. $3 bucks a night to camp 50% off for federal lands senior pass. Mostly an offroad and ATV area, sandy campsites. The road in is terrible, old pavement full of potholes!

    Dashcam Footage of Hot Well Dunes

  • RVsolar
    Looks nice
  • Greg F
    We stayed at Indian Bread Rocks last year. You are right about the rig size. Watch out for the wild Javelinas especially if you have dogs. Also saw a huge cat paw print in the sand near camp. Some neat hiking there as well.

  • Ray
    Also saw some rather large cows with big horns!
  • Greg F
    Lot's of poop around as well. That was a knock we saw online. We just cleaned up around our camp and watched where we stepped. :)
  • Keith
    Lots pretty nice, but also look pretty sandy, do you think you could ride a mountain bike down those roads?
  • Philiprmcgovern
    Hi, Ray. We just left Indian Bread Rocks about a week ago and enjoyed a great few days ago in our 40 foot beast of a Fifth Wheel. Yes, there is a lot of poop pies, but we managed to dodge them. The cows and bulls seem to think they own the place. Ha! We saw a herd of wild horses, too. We found that at the end of the road, there is a large open area with enough room for us and 4 or 5 other RV’s. Great place!
    PS: If you’re still too cold, Go West, Young Man! We’re now in Yuma, AZ/Winterhaven, CA where it was in the mid 60’s F and sunny today. We’re at the Tumco Mine BLM which is also beautiful. Come on ove!r Phil
  • Steve S
    Hi Keith … I have a standard 26" wheel size on my mountain bike. Parts of the road are a touch too sandy and the tires will dig in. If you have a bike with fat tires, it should be OK. Cheers, Steve
  • Steve S
    Hi … some footage taken at Indian Bread Rocks in December 2018. While there, a Ranger mentioned the Hot Well Dune Hot Springs BLM so headed over there for a few days too. Liked it sooooo much, I returned to it on my way back home in the spring.

    Ray is right, the road in to Hot Well Dunes is terrible. THE worst paved road I've been on … although there is another in California that is a close second.

    Indian Bread Rocks
  • Jcampy
    Thanks for discussion on the condition of the road.
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