• Mary Lifeunderway
    Hi All,

    Unfortunately we are not yet retired, so where we can stay is affected by whether we can get sufficient cell signal to use our Verizon and/or AT&T WiFi hotspots for work. We met a couple this week who use the Syyroam Solis, which is a hotspot that does not have a SIM card and is agnostic as to carrier; it picks up whatever cell signal is strongest and creates a WiFi signal from that.

    Has anyone here used it? The folks we met use it primarily in the southwest and have had good luck with it.

    We would be looking at it for two reasons: 1) we often exceed the un-throttled allowance on the Verizon MiFi, and 2) we're hoping it may allow us to boondock in spots where neither Verizon nor AT&T have good coverage, but Sprint/T-Mobile might have some. If it could address one or both, it would be worth the not-insignificant costs ($150/200 USD up front for the hotspot depending on the version, and $9/day or $100/month for "unlimited" GB usage.)

    Thanks for any feedback you may have!
  • Ray
    I've never heard of it. Found this brief review on the Technomadia Mobile Internet website - https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/skyroam-introduces-solis-x-global-wifi-smartspot/ They do in-depth reviewing of all the mobile internet options out there.
  • George
    I have used and installed cellphone boosters in fringe areas. I found that units by Wilson always worked the best. They are a in the $400 range . They have an external antenna with an external antenna to pickup the cell signal. Then an internal amplifier boosts the signal and feeds an internal antenna. It can be adjusted from a computer to reduce the amount of boost .
  • Mary Logue
    I have a Skyroam Solis for almost a year. I have had some good sessions but often I don’t get any WiFi and that is frustrating. Maybe it works better in USA with all the cell service there but it is not good in Baja and Alaska. There is a new version out now. Not sure whether that is better.
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