• Stephen H
    A few months ago I added a TireMinder 4 tire system. It has the external threaded sensors and signal booster. It works great, and I like the piece of mind of knowing what the TT tire pressure and temperatures are, but I've read about the weight of the sensors flexing the valve stem when at speed. I now have about 1100 kms (about 650 miles) since installing. The other day I checked the TT tires and sensors, I can see small marks on the rims from the serrated grip on the sensor which sits about 1/4 inch away from the rim at rest. There is no signs of cracking or damage to the valve stems.
    Has anyone else encountered a similar issue? Does anyone think that this could become an issue? I know the easy answer is to remove the sensors, but I do like the monitoring. Any suggestions? lwi98ohy43ku1xyv.jpg
  • Ray
    I'd just take it to a tire shop and have them install metal stems for you. I did that during the first tire change I did after the OEM tires wore out. They also conduct heat a little better so may give a more accurate temp reading for the wheel.
    Cheers, Ray
  • Stephen H
    Thanks for the info Ray. I think I'll keep inspecting the valves for now, the TT is new with only 1100km.
  • Logan X
    I agree with Ray, metal clamp on valve stems will hold the weight of the TPMS sensors much better. There are snap in metal valve stems and clamp on metal valve stems. I think the clamp on type are the best to hold the extra weight.
  • Jcampy
    I had TPMS sensors on rubber valve stems and was keeping a close eye on them to watch for any sign of problems. All looked well, but as we were sitting outside in a National Forest campground 40 miles from a town, I heard Psheeeew. It was the rubber valve stem splitting away from the tire in one dramatic second. Tire went instantly flat. It took quite a while to change to spare, find tire shop, and get us ready to travel again. Get metal stems while you are close to a tire shop.
  • Stephen H
    thanks for the info. I think I will take your advise and get metal stems now, before we head south for the winter.... Thanks for sharing your experience.
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