• Steve S
    Hi, my Okanagan Tribute came with a Dometic 5.6 cu ft compressor frig. After taking it on a few short excursions, I found, the freezer section gets down to 0 F. The frig is a different story though; it has 4 temperature settings, 4 being the coldest.

    The issue I have is that, yes, on setting 4, it will get into the low 30s but the compressor runs constantly and eats 8 amps. I only have 150 AH available which is using solar and/or generator to recharge. I do a lot of boondocking and can't have a frig running constantly. The best the 3 setting will do is get down to 40 - 41 F (many foods should not be kept at this high of a temp), but, at least the compressor does cycle the way it should.

    I've already removed the frig and am waiting on a determination that this frig is still under warranty or not. I replaced it with an ARB compressor frig, that only draws 5 amps max., when the compressor runs. Unlike the Dometic, the ARB is far better insulated, has a more powerful compressor and is top loading. The ARB frig only runs 25-30% of the time (which is what I was expecting from the Dometic).

    Already gone through all of the troubleshooting on the Dometic, from ensuring the door seals are good, proper ventilation, fans run, compressor runs, fins are not dusty or damaged in any way, behaves the same on AC or DC power, no error codes, etc. Poor quality compared to the ARB. Freezer fine, frig terrible is a common complaint regardless of the manufacturer for compressor frigs.

    I've successfully used the ARB in excessive temps (100+ F at Death Valley) and last year's snow birding (Nov. to April). I do not trust that the Dometic will cool properly when I head south again in November. Unless the RV dealer can show that this frig will stay in the low-mid 30s without the compressor constantly running, it won't be re-installed. (I bought the RV as an ex-rental, so not sure how long the Dometic warranty was).
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