• Ray Whyte
    Check out your own rig, are their secret compartments that you can open up and put to good use?
  • RVsolar
    Very good ideas
  • TerryMac
    I agree that the manufacturers do a really bad job with storage. My kitchen has an L shaped counter and the back of the L is almost impossible to access. I got the idea from Ray's shoe storage video and removed the panel on the outside of the L and framed it like you did. Now a formerly almost unusable space is very accessible and has a lot more space than we had originally thought.

    Another idea that actually came from the manufacturer was hinges on steps. I have a 33 foot fifth wheel so there is two steps into the front section of the trailer. There was a vacuum system under one of the steps and that was the access to change the bag. The vacuum was pretty useless so I removed the vacuum unit and gained a storage compartment. (Dog food etc.) I did some checking and there was nothing under the second step. I but in a bulkhead and added a hinge to that step and now we have storage for potatoes, onions, etc.

    Another surprise was the factory had hinged a step that was used to assist getting into bed, that already had a very good little cubby hole under it. It was factory but they never advertised it.

    Another big area was above the heater and below the entertainment area. Still working on that area.

    Last year I had to do some work underneath my camper and I dropped my belly pan. It is mostly empty space! The challenge will be finding easy access. I may look at adding extra tanks but will have to be careful with weight.

    Good ideas.
  • Lorraine
    We have an L shape counter as well, with a blind corner. The kind where a house kitchen would have a lazy Susan. There were shelves, great for frypans and big pots not always needed, but impossible to access because the sink plumbing was in the way. Greg took the plumbing apart and directed it to the opposite side of the under sink, so now the shelves are accessible.

    And, after we had lived in the 5th wheel over a year, our grandkids were playing in the bedroom once with fun little flashlights. When they left, I couldn’t find the flashlights but knew they hadn’t been anywhere else with them. I searched drawers and the closet and got on my hands and knees, and discovered little cubbyholes on either side of the bed. Perfect for storing the extra toilet paper when we buy from Costco!!!!

    There are a few other secret spots, but I can’t tell anyone on pain of death.
  • Zoom
    I have done the same thing. I removed three panels that we screwed down and either added a small drawer or made a secret place for valuables. Really added a lot of storage!
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