• Ray
    As I was completing my snowbird trip prep to our Keystone Cougar fifth wheel, I was under the rig tidying up the coroplast plastic underbelly cover.

    Recently, I had repaired cracks in my waste tank and removed a clog in my black tank valve. So I was reattaching the underbelly section I had cut out for access and resealing seams with Gorilla tape.

    At the other end of the rig, I noticed a bulge in the underbelly. It looked like a piece of coroplast was hanging down. I went to push it back in place, but something behind it felt solid. Part of my freshwater tank was loose and falling out!

    I opened up the underbelly to inspect and figure out why. Right away I noticed that a support beam had come detached and had fallen down onto the mainframe I-beam. The two 3/8 TEK screws that held the tanks support beam had sheared off.

    I was thankful to find the issue before things got worse, and the whole tank would have fallen out onto the highway. The repair was easy as reattaching the beam with fresh screws. I also added a third screw which the factory neglected to do even though there was a hole for it.

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  • Dhuhn
    Nice catch on that repair. These rigs are a constant repair of this and that. Doesn’t matter what year rig you have.
  • Ray
    Yup, especially for those of us that actually use them. :)
  • Greg F
    When I saw that unused bracket hole I immediately wondered why there wasn't a fastener there. Presumably these brackets are purpose built for or by Keystone. How much could a darn screw cost. Nice catch and repair.
  • Ray
    I bet it was a lazy worker, figured 2 is good enough
  • Greg F
    I wonder how long it had been that way. Having the flange of the I beam as stop was lucky. Glad you weren't posting this from the side of the road with your tank and associated plumbing strewn about some desert highway. :gasp:
  • Colibabas
    Had a friend discover his fresh water tank was gone when he got to his next stop. There is absolutely no excuse for this kind of failure from the RV industry. I wish they were forced to have better safety and quality control like the auto industry. Another friend took delivery of a custom built New Horizon a few months ago. These units start at well over $200,000. He’s had a few issues...the latest was two of his six tires were wearing badly after just 3000 miles. This unit has the MorRyde independent suspension and apparently never had a wheel alignment before leaving the factory.
  • Drew

    I'd also wonder about those screws holding the straps....I guess you probably looked at them. That whole deal looks bad to me but you are making the best of it. It doesn't surprise me about the construction aspects. Good job, I'll bet Anne counts her blessings:
  • Ray
    Well it's been in there for over 8 years and a ton of rough roads so I guess it works, but now that I see things up close a little beefing up wouldn't hurt. The good thing about sharing I get lots of great tips and hints on what to do. :)
  • Rush and Lola
    Yea I'd wanted nuts and bolts and lock washers with lock tight.
  • Doug Schneider
    We had this happen on our way home from our winter trip and the only thing that kept the tank in was the coroplast. Our tank had no support or strapping what so ever. The only thing that held the tank up was the lip of the tank setting between the frame rails. I now have plenty of support under the tank and try not to travel with a tank full of water. Glad you caught it before you hit the road.
  • Redbusdriver
    Of course you verified the other end of the cross member was secure, right? The flex from the detached side puts stress on the good side, it may be best to replace all the screws.

    Looking forward to your great videos, Ray!
  • Ray
    Yup, I replaced the other sides screws and added a third as well. :)
  • Redbusdriver
    Good on ya. So far I have found several places where rushed lazy construction has led to issues on my rig. It is frustrating and in your case potentially an accident on the highway.
  • Deleted User
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