• RVThereYet
    WE currently own a 37 foot heartland. WE have had many issues with it and would like to replace it. We are not fulltimers . We want something shorter for easier towing fitting into camp spots etc. Problem is most shorter fith wheels are HT units. Do the HT units hold up as well? They are built lighter so what is sacrificed? If you were to purchase an under 32 foot fith wheel what would you buy?
  • Deleted User
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  • Greg F
    I have been knocking around the idea of getting a shorter 5th wheel but have yet to find anything in the 30' category that is a higher end unit aside from having Spacecraft build me one. They are in the 150k+ range.

    DVR, Jayco Pinnacle, New Horizons, Luxe are all high end units but too long. Even in the more mainstream upper end units like Keystone Montana and Grand Design Solitude no shorter models.

    What I have found is that the shorter trailers are in the "half ton" range and seemed more designed for economy and weight than high insulation and durability.
  • Rush and Lola
    We have a Tiffon- Vanleigh/ Vilano F/W and its 34'7". Just right. I can swing it around anywhere. Its for full time though. We have been happy with ours account Tiffon has a service center and customer service like no other manufacturer. I'm Not much help since we full time. Good Luck. I will say I'd never ever own another unit that was NOT built by a family owned corp.
    The Tiffon family now builds a new weekend model named Pinecrest. Its more for weekenders. Best part about Tiffon is if you want different furniture have it down as its built. Different frig. ( residential or adsorption) as it built, and even some interior changes. Read it all the time on our FB groups where people or waiting for there new unit and having this done and that done.
    Good Luck in your choice..
  • sjrobb50
    We've got a Keystone Cougar 25RES that measures 29'11". Max weight is 10,000 lbs. Outside kitchen and more storage than the 2 of us use, although we'll test it next year when we take it on a 6 mo. trip.
  • John612
    We’re very happy with our grand design 303, 32’ long. I believe GD has a 29’ rig now, you might want to look at it.
  • Rick
    Good luck with your search! I own a 2001 Thor Komfort 22FS sofa-slide fifth wheel that is 24 feet long total. It has all of the features my wife and I need for camping a couple of months at a time, including an 8-cubic foot refrigerator, a 50-gallon fresh water tank, two gray holding tanks and a 45 gallon black water holding tank. And with a GVWR of 7580 pounds it is so easy to tow with my GMC duramax! But annual maintenance costs are creeping up, and I've been searching for a new fifth wheel to replace it. Unfortunately all of the new models are way too long for us, except for the fiberglass versions which are too small and don't have a slide-out. I keep hoping that the major trailer manufacturers will make smaller fifth wheel trailers again, but so far, no joy. Especially since camp sites have not gotten any longer at the state and federal campgrounds that my wife and I like. Very often we will get a campsite that is only available because the typical gargantuan behemoths out there now can't fit into it. OK, enough of my rant. Again, good luck with your search.
  • Scott Lockwood
    So this may not be much help but....
    We just bought a 2017 Chaparral 29 MKS which is 32’ and the build quality seems very good. I can’t add much on how easy it is to tow because I haven’t even moved it yet. It is great to live in and not super long or heavy. Good luck.
  • Ed Camping
    Last year I purchased a new Sportsman model 231 RK 5th wheel that is 25 feet long dry weight is 6100 pounds and pin weight 760. It has one slide for the sofa. Just right for my wife and I. I have been able to add 460 watts of solar on the roof and two Lithium batteries, as the refrigerator is 12 volt compressor and does not have any roof vents.
  • Rick
    Hello Ed Camping,
    Thanks for this. I'll try to find one near me here in Southern Oregon.
  • Zoom
    Check out Grand Design Reflections or the Reflection 150 Series. Quality is good with great service from Grand Design.
  • Rick
    Zoom, I took a look at the floor plan and specs of the Grand Design Reflection 150. However, it is 4 feet longer, 2 feet taller, and 1500 pounds heavier than my trailer. It does not have a split bathroom, and it looked to me like the bathroom can't be reached with the slide pulled in. These trailers must be designed by people who never go camping.
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