• Laurence
    So I have a few of my exterior running LED lights that are need of replacing , ( so much for quality eh) . Struggled today trying to make a butt joints from the wires coming out the trailer and the wires from the LED light. The crippling tool is OK but I think the problem is the guy running the tool :nerd:
    Bottom line I need to stuff those wires and all back into a small hole in the trailer.
    Should I be considering solder with heat shrink ?
  • Laurence
    So I did some digging around town and thought I would share my findings about the soldering versa crimping .
    1 Best method is crimping using marine grade connectors which has the shrink wrap to make them water tight .
    2 You need a good crimping tool, one that ratchets and sets the connector as apposed to the pliers type.(expect to pay north of 30 dollars.)

    The crimping tool was my best purchase for this task, I could just hold the crimping tool with the connector locked in with one hand while placing the wire with the other. Now there is no guessing the amount of pressure to set the connector with the ratcheting style, once you clamp down its done. Made it simple job's done :smile:
    Sometimes its about the right tool especially while 6 ft up a ladder, BTW I already had a good wire stripper tool.
  • Greg F
    Solder is a great way to go. Here is a video by some random YouTuber on how to make a nice solder joint. :wink:

    Random internet guy on soldering
  • Jerry Emert
    You might also consider the butt connectors that have solder in them. You put the wires in as usual and heat it up with a heat gun. The heat melts and spreads the solder on the wires and shrinks the plastic around the wire for strength and waterproofing. They work good. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07HR1K7BF/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  • Garth
    I bought a rachet crimper from. Princess Auto when i redid the brake wiring on my TT. Brst investment ive make. Perfect crimps & easier on my arthric hands.
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