• Jay Pat
    Having a hard time finding a mobile mech to replace my dump valves.
    May have to try myself.........Oh, dear!....
    I have watched this video.
    If Ray thought he was having trouble (hours?), wait till I try.......

    I have a Keystone Sprinter.
    I have not opened up the underbelly material, yet.
    The black and gray valves and the joint dump connection look like Rays setup.
    I wondering how wide (front to back I should open up,measuring from the center of the dump pipe)?
    I would like to do this once.
    Also, in thinking about cutting the underbelly cover along side the Ibeam frame. I'm thinking about leaving a couple of inches along and inside the ibeam to have something to attach the tape to when closing up the underbelly cover.
    How difficult is working with the rubber boot?
    I hope I have the 1 1/2" of pipe to cut out.
    Looks like it could be difficult getting the rubber boot on. Special tool?
    Any thoughts or tips?
    Thanks! Pat
  • Jay Pat
    I have flushed out the black tank many times. I can't say it is clean enough to eat off of, but the water that drains out now is very clear.
  • Ray
    One tip I have if your tanks are laid out like mine is to jack the front of the trailer up so the contents of the black want to stay in the tank, the front gray tank will want to drip on you but that is much better than black drips. ;)

    In hindsight, I may have first tried to remove the cross rail holding the front gray tank up and see if tipping it down a bit would have given be enough gap to change the valve. The risk with that though is cracking the drain pipe connection feeding it from above. I'm thinking though there may have been enough play.

    If cutting and using a boot try to take out as little material as needed, I took out a more than I needed and its been a pain to get the boot seated well. Occasionally I've had some drip when the tank is really full and the boot is under a lot of pressure, not a huge deal though as mine is just soapy shower water.
  • Jay Pat
    Ray, I have tipped the rv forwards and back for both tanks.
    I may be ready to roll up my sleeves and.....
    Thanks! Pat
  • MikeD
    What year is your rv? The openings in my 2014 Montana face the back of the camper. I put a ratchet strap on the tube and pulled it back a bit. It worked well. I did take Rays advice and lower the front of the rv.
  • Jay Pat
    Year, 2011.
    My outlet is on the side like Rays.
    I've got clear water out of the blk tank. But, I'm not drinking any of it.....
  • Keith
    Mine are located behind a false wall in the basement of my fifth wheel, I'd hate to try to replace them EVER!
  • Columbus
    Was able to change mine out you taking 4 screws out and just pushing the joint apart to get the old valve out and the new one Bach in. The hard part was getting the rubber seal lined up just right. Good luck. You can do it.
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