• Ray
    In this video, I show you a new gadget I purchased for our 2018 Ram Cummins diesel truck. The product is called a BlueDriver OBD2 Pro scan tool.

    The Bluedriver hardware plugs into the trucks OBD2 (On-Board Diagnostics) port and sends data from the truck's computer via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet app.

    The app contains a ton of diagnostic tools and information. However, the main reason I wanted it is to be able to read Check Engine codes and use its live gauges to report my Turbo/Exhaust Gas Temperatures. Something my stock truck gauges don't report.

    Hopefully, it will help me keep my engine running cooler and lasting longer.
  • Craig Mckenzie
    Great idea. Just make sure when in British Columbia you don’t look at your cell phone sitting on your dash or cup holder. It’s a $368 fine. In the last 2 weeks 2 people have been fined for just looking at there phones which were upside down. So be aware
  • Ray
    Yeah, that's pretty picky, I wonder what a cop would think of me. When towing I have a GPS, tire pressure monitor display, rearview camera display and now extra gauges to look at.
  • Craig Mckenzie
    It’s always nice to have extra gauges to look at.
    More information when driving is good
  • Greg F
    Since they put a sensor on the turbo it would be nice if they put gauge in the truck. Our ram has a plethora of info that can be displayed on the dash. I would put EGT up there with coolant and oil if you are towing with the kinds of loads they advertise. I'm sure the sensor is there to defuel when things get hot but it would be nice having that info on tap in the cab without having to buy more stuff and use your phone for a gauge. At least the sensor is there. Back in the day you had to drill a hole very carefully to keep shavings out, tap and install the sensor. I wonder what is made aftermarket as a stand alone gauge that would work with the factory sensor.
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