• Rush and Lola
    Hydrogen Truck Maker Nikola Claims It Has Breakthrough Battery Tech—And Doesn’t Care If You’re Skeptical
    Nikola Motor, the Phoenix-based startup that wants to disrupt trucking with futuristic electric semis powered by hydrogen, says it has developed a new type of battery cell with double the energy density, only 40% of the weight and half the cost of current lithium-ion batteries used in Teslas and other consumer-market electric vehicles.
    I sure hope this pans out.
  • Logan X
    That’s an interesting idea. I am not a chemist, but is there concern the hydrogen could explode?
  • Greg F
    Hydrogen powered vehicles have been around for a few years usually in the form of fuel cells and electric motors.

    I'm curious how the hydrogen is utilized. Is it used to charge batteries to power electric motors or is this a hybrid system where the hydrogen is used for both battery charging as well as direct vehicle propulsion? Is it a hydrogen battery? Is there a link to the article you quoted?
  • Greg F

    It looks like these would be hydrogen powered semi trucks also utilizing improved batteries. 2 different items. The article states that Nikola won't go into details now. It should be interesting to see what the future holds. John Goodenough the inverter of the current Lithium battery has also made some similar claims of weight, cost and efficiency for a solid state, dry battery coming soon.

    Looks like it could be a race for battery supremacy. When and if claims like this could be reached it will be a game changer in the auto industry with very lucrative spoils for the inventors.
  • Rush and Lola
    Google it like I did. Nikola Motors. I found it interesting read. Just wanted to pass it along for those who might want something to dig up.
  • Fumes21
    There are natural gas vehicles around and also propane, I don't think I would worry about hydrogen exploding any more that natural gas or propane or even gasoline.
  • Logan X
    Not that I’m terrified of batteries exploding, but I think everyone thought lithium technology was the bees knees until hoverboards, laptops, and cell phones started blowing up.

    I think innovation is great, but it will take some time on the market, and a good track record, before I would consider using any “experimental technology” on my trailer.

    Just my opinion
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