• Laurence
    Thought I would put out the question ,,,? Does anyone do film work with Photography or Film . Looking at the new DJI Mavic Mini , and thought this would be a good tool to use . I know that there are restrictions ie National Parks as well as other rules and laws . With the Mavic mini watch this.
  • Greg F
    I have a Mavic Pro. As it turns out I hardly ever fly it though. Aside from places that you can't legally fly it I also won't fly it if I think it might bother others. So it goes up when we are way out in the boonies but not anywhere else. Most of the time there are others around within sound range of the drone.

    The high resolution camera does an amazing job and with the gimbal camera mount the video is great.
  • Ray
    Anne just bought herself a Mavic Mini one a couple of weeks ago and learning about it, I will show her this video, thanks!
  • GeekyGuy
    That's one thing I've been wanting for a long time. That new Mavic Mini sure is tempting.... but there are simply too many issues with drones in general.

    One needs to be very ballsy these days to fly one, friends of mine had theirs damaged, they were yelled at, had dirt thrown at their cars, had encounters with the cops... simply not worth it I think, well for me. I also don't do lots of RVing in remote areas... I hate being disturbed and am not comfortable disturbing...

    Drone operators are a bit like nudists.... it's legal but in very specific places and in a very limiting way..
  • Brian Snyder
    I bought a used DJI Spark several months ago and are learning to fly smoothly. Took it on a few camping trips but ran into weather issues that I was not comfortable flying it. The video quality is good enough for me. I got it to supplement my travel videos. Below is an example.

  • Redbusdriver
    Just like Greg said, I love my drone but since it sounds like a whole squad of weed whackers I am very careful to not fly around others enjoying the quiet beauty of the outdoors. I do have a solution for beaches and parks. I mounted a go pro on a disk style egg timer, then to a plywood base with eye bolts at 4 corners. This gets suspended from a ring on my kite cord. Everybody loves seeing a kite fly, and they are allowed in more areas. The footage is not controllable like a drone but you do get good "B roll" stuff and nobody is offended!
  • Laurence
    The Parrot Anafi is very quiet actually one of the quietest over 30 ft above you barley can hear ( I have flown it), the Mavic Mini comes in second. I appreciated privacy and when you can fly stealth, that would be the sweet spot for done pilots as well as observers. In Canada the Mavic Mini is outside the regulations of Transport Canada Laws for drones for now though it has geo-fencing built into the drone and one should always fly within safe guidelines .
    I like the different perspective air drones lend to photography.
  • Roger and Anna
    As with Laurence, I too like the different perspectives drones lend to photography. I also like the different perspectives offered by drone owners and others who "experience" them. I have a DJI Spark and use it as often as I can. I dont believe you need to use them in a place like Quartzsite, AZ in order to not bother others. Bigger drones take more oomph to get them going and are subsequently louder. Know your drone and what it sounds like in different environments and at different flying elevations. We spent, for example, a fair amount more on our generator, simply so we could be comfortable using it around others without fearing we were disturbing anyone. Yet, in certain circumstances, I still take a walk away from the rig to listen to it at distance so I know we're being reasonable. So it is with drones; be considerate. DJI accounts for 70% of the world's drone market and they do great things to better the relationship between drone owners and those around them like "no fly zones" where the drone wont even take off in an area prohibited by law. National Parks are an example. It can't do much about privacy and that's where drone operators have to go back to the generator scenario; "Am I bothering anyone by using this thing?" With this perspective, drone operators can maintain neighborly relationships and can feel more free to use their drones and their awesome video footage in a greater variety of circumstances.
  • Ray
    Here is a look at some of Anne's first footage

    "Given my new mobility issues, I have been trying to find ways that I can continue with my photography now that I cannot hike very far. One of my photography friends suggested I get a drone! This is something I never would have considered before. But a week later DJI came out with their new Mavic Mini - a tiny 250gram drone that you do not require a licence to fly. So I picked one up! This video contains some of my test footage from Arizona as I learn to fly it."
  • Colibabas
    Great job Anne! That’s some nice flying for a newbie. Great video quality. I may have to add one to my RC plane collection one day.
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