• Steves217
    This is my new to me home,or soon to be home. Need to finish the solar and the factory inverter is starting to fail but have a new one ready to install. I'm part time alone till my other half can retire herself.
    Thanks for all your advice and videos Ray. Many helped me make my mods.
  • Ray
    You're welcome :smile: Looks like one of the early Montanas and looks to be in great shape :up:
  • Greg F
  • Logan X
    Congratulations and welcome to the forum!
  • RVsolar
    WTG welcome to the nomad life.
  • Jack Tyler
    Steve, congratulations...on not just the Montana but also the decision in favor of transition & travel. Buying the boat or RV for adventure travel is always much easier than making the leap. How about sharing a few of your improvement projects with us, once they've been completed. I'm sure a lot of us would appreciate hearing how you decided on the details of the mods you will have made. Best wishes!
    Jack Tyler, Bozeman MT
  • OTRGrumpyman
    Be glad to see it first hand sometime.
  • Steves217
    Well you asked for it. I have a picture of the 5th wheel hitch included here. Seeing that I plan on this being my fulltime home it is equipped with 3 battleborn batteries and a 2000 watt pure sine inverter. Because the factory inverter/charger is failing it is to be replaced with an Intel a power inverter/charger designed for lithium batteries. There are roof vent covers installed on all vents so in the summer I can turn on the fantastic fan with another vent open to help keep the camper at least outside temperature. There is it be 4, 100 watt solar panels on the roof but on the opposite side of the trailer than Ray. They are not mounted yet but waiting there turn. There will be an automatic transfer switch so I don't need to remember to turn off the battery charger when off grid. This is yet to be installed but will when I do the charger. I decided on a 40 amp MPPT charge controller for the solar system. That leave room for added panels as needed. Most projects are partly done so it won't be long to finish what is started. I live in Minnesota and the camper is in south Illinois for the winter. I don't want to tow in the snow if I don't have to. My children want to keep track of me so I have a facebook page for friends and family. I'm willing to share the page if it's wanted. I have recently gotten back from a solo trip and will be starting a trip with my lady soon. I'm retired and she isn't so she will have to leave me half way through the trip to go back to work. I'm sending her on a plane and one of the kids will pick her up. I'm thinking I'll be back home about 2 weeks later. Taking time out to finish up projects.
  • Steves217
    You are right. It is an older Montana but is very solid and meets my needs. I've taken it on a couple shakedown trips and 1 longer one. It has 1 electrical problem other than the inverter being old and giving up. But it is a small thing that is low on the list.
    Thanks Ray.

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