• Rankin
    If this isn't allowed here I apologize but I found this and since there are probably full timers on this page I figured someone might be interested. Reposting: We haven’t finalized a property manager yet and we would like to get someone in place soon. If you want “social distancing”, this seems like the perfect place.
    Hi Folks. I posted this in the fall but we do not have anyone committed yet. Please PM if interested.
    If you haven’t planned for summer yet, We are seeking caretaker/property managers for April through October at Caliente Lakeside Resort on Kamloops Lake. If you might be willing to commit for the season, we would love to hear from you. https://www.calientekamloopslake.com/
    Please note this is much more play than work. We estimate the workload to total only 10-15 hours per week (~1.5 hours each day).
    We are not really a campground but rather a 10 cabin Strata development. Each Strata lot includes one cabin and one RV pad. An 11th RV pad is designated for the Property Manager(s).
    The key motivation for the Strata is:
    1. A more consistent presence on site to discourage vandalism and theft
    2. Providing daily monitoring of our automated water treatment system
    3. Basic landscape maintenance
    Please note the Strata Development is 100% solar. Each cabin or RV has a dedicated solar system. The well and water treatment plant also has its own solar. If you haven’t yet added solar to your RV, we can help.
    The Strata has a fairly restrictive rental policy so you are mainly hanging out with the 10 families who own the Strata lots. The compensation includes:
    * RV pad with drinking water and septic drop
    * “small” monthly stipend
    * Reimbursement for expenses incurred for Strata tasks (ie. Delivering water samples to Kamloops for testing - can be combined with shopping trips)
    * Access/use of marina. If you have a boat, we will strive to ensure you consistently have a spot on the dock. Also the Strata does have a 12’ aluminum fishing boat that you would be free to use.
    I should mention that our private, gated access road is steep and single lane (with switchbacks). All corners have extra room for turning so 35’ trailers and larger motor homes can traverse the road.... but it is a slow trip. Any candidate will probably want to have a pickup or SUV for making trips to Savona (40 min) or Kamloops (1 hour). There is 24 km of moderately rough gravel road once you leave the highway at Savona.
    If you like water sports, fishing, hiking, ATVing, campfire visits, etc., this might be the place for you.
    Please message me with any questions.
  • Gary Steffen
    Should read Kamloops area site managers.
  • Nitehawk
    I live way to far for this but this would be great for.me I would love it.... .
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