• Steve S
    You know you've been boondocking for a long time when ...

    You are back home and:

    • Need to relearn the controls in your other vehicle that's been in storage back home
    • Which key opens the side door??
    • Keep using my foot to flush the toilet. Then I realize, this is a standard toilet with a tank flush lever
    • Amazed at the water pressure of my home shower
    • Can't figure out why I can't reach the light above me in the RV. Then I realize I'm in the bed at home
    • Amazed that I can fit all 24 bottles of beer in my fridge with plenty of extra room, and, a separate freezer. I normally use an ARB portable fridge
    • My 55" large screen UHD 4K TV looks great. Instead of the 13" laptop screen I use boondocking
    • Don't have to prop up the hood to prevent packrats moving in. I had two separate occasions when that happened. BTW, they are NOT afraid of light or humans
    • Very happy that all the snow has melted at home

    Anyone care to add to the list? Note I have a Class B and know some of you have large 5th wheels and Class A RVs where some of my points would not apply.
  • Ray
    Good list.
    It always takes Anne a few days to switch to RV park power, being able to use the microwave and don't need to turn on the water heater gas switch and electric heaters!
  • RVsolar
    Yes have done a few of them, what with all that power you can't use the microwave ?
  • Ray
    1000W Crappy Tire Motomaster inverter! 9 years old and still working like a charm! I like to cook with gas versus microwaving meals and stuff so a bigger inverter has been way down the ol'upgrade list. :)
  • Eddie Aileen
    We are "Off-Grid" 95% of the time, and never needed/ wanted to use our Microwave. We would not have one except it was a gift from last Christmas. It makes a good bread box!
    Ray, that inverter will go down in the hall of fame for its years of service!!
    Happy Trails!!!
  • RVsolar
    yes great inverter had the same one wife set it on fire lol
  • Willie
    -Realizing that I’m rinsing dishes in the sink at home with the tap set on dribble to conserve water!
    -Thinking....”Why do we need an automatic dishwasher at home?”
    -Finding it strange that I change my clothes every day at home because when we boondock, we wear our clothes for two days.
    -Can’t find my wife in our king sized bed, she’s three feet away! In the RV we’re snuggle-close in a twin.
    -Feeling guilty about how much electricity we use at home, thinking that yes, we could probably power our house with solar panels and batteries because we do it while boondocking.
    -Gosh if I only had a separate grey water system at home so I can water the lawn and garden without using drinking (tap) water.
    -And finally, only buying the groceries we need and efficiently stacking them in the home refrigerator to maximize space just like we’re boondocking!

    What boondocking has really taught us is that we are terribly wasteful when we’re at home. We’re more mindful of what we buy now and what we consume because of our boondocking experiences. We take more time to enjoy things such as books, friends and the outdoors. For sure the TV at home Is much much less important than it used to be...especially the news media.
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