• Larry Jensen
    Hi all,

    My wife and I along with our dog (Abbey) have been retired for a few years and enjoy traveling and seeing new places. I am a retired railroader and my wife was a computer mainframe hardware installer. We live in SE Oklahoma on 5 acres and enjoy Church, gardening, cooking, wood working and remodeling both the house and RV. Our garden is setup with raised beds, deer fence and auto watering so we are able to travel without restrictions.

    We have been receiving Rays news letter since purchasing our RV in 2016 and we are very capable and prefer to do all of our maintenance, upgrades and repairs to our RV. We have added a second air conditioner and changed over to a residential fridge last summer which works better than expected.

    Thanks to everyone and look forward to many constructive discussions.

    Larry & Denise
  • Tim Smith
    When you get a chance, Would like to hear more about the residential fridge-
    Specifically the "Why" behind the change and then the expectations vs actual results being better than anticipated.
    Thanks !
  • Larry Jensen
    The RV fridge did great until ambient temperatures rose above the low to middle 90's and then it was a struggle to keep items cold in both the refrigerator and freezer even in the shade. Our fridge is in the slide which causes issues with air flow behind the fridge even though we installed additional cooling fans to improve air flow.

    Our installation included a 10 CU FT fridge, 1500watt inverter, 30 amp transfer switch, power meter and 2-6 volt golf cart batteries. Both fridges fit through the door.

    Most of our travels are at locations with full hookups in the summer and typically in the southern states and prefer to have more food storage, frozen ice cream, cold milk and everything kept below 40 degrees in the fridge and below 0 in the freezer. Since the modification we have been very pleased with the results and has met our expectations. No more ice milk for ice cream, no more fetching bags of ice, no more damaged food.

  • Tim Smith
    thanks for the additional insight!
  • Logan X
    Welcome to the forum!
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