• Greg F
    I am looking at installing a 50 amp hardwired EMS. I have seen a lot on the progressive dynamics units and believe them to be of great quality.

    In my research I also came across the Hughes products. Specifically their Power Watchdog unit which has a bluetooth app allowing some interesting data to be viewed and collected. The unit can also be connected to wifi and send alerts if needed. They also advertise that the unit is serviceable in the event of a large surge rather than requiring replacement.


    Both the PD and the Hughes are hardwire units and close enough in price that cost isn't a factor.

    Thoughts? I think I am going to try the Hughes and interested in anybody's experiences . Thanks!
  • Logan X
    I have a hardwired unit from Progressive Industries. I’m very happy with it. I just have the base model with no remote display. I don’t want to be inundated with information from it. If there is a problem, I just go and look at it.

    I have heard good thing about the Hughes product as well.
  • Ray
    Looks very high tech! I didn't know that Hughes made surge protectors. I have heard of their autotransformer. A little controversial as it sucks power off of others in the RV park to keep the voltage up for the user. Only really a problem in parks that don't have adequate power.
    Seen that a few times in Thousand Trails parks with old wiring when everyone is running electric heaters.
  • Greg F
    I did look at the Autoformer. Their new unit boosts voltage and does all the rest of the surge guarding and circuit testing that an EMS does. I guess before you needed two devices to have both voltage boosting and circuit protection.It seems like a pretty good unit. Pricey though!

    Hughes has a pretty good explanation of how their unit does not draw more electricity from the park especially on inductive loads where proper voltage makes devices more efficient. It seems like mainly on resistive loads that boosting voltage has less effect on the efficiency of the devices. Their claim is that voltage boosting is at the expense of lowered current available to the terminal user. I'm not an electrical engineer but in general it makes sense that appliances running at a more optimal voltage should work more efficiently and use less park power. In any case not going too far down that rabbit hole. :)

    The Watchdog cuts shore power when the voltage is too low or too high and does all the rest of the surge protection and circuit inspections to protect the RV electrical system. That's really all I need. We can run off inverted power if a park trips a low voltage shut down from the EMS. I also like the ability to see what's going on remotely and being sent an alert if the unit shuts power down. Could be a nice heads up if we have a pet in the trailer on a hot day.
  • Rush and Lola
    We have a 50 amp. EMS by Progressive. They use to be in North Carolina but I heard they have moved. Still we have had ours since Oct. 2016. Eddie installed it when he was doing our Solar setup.
  • Drew
    I have an older Progressive portable 30a unit. It's done the job for us for the past several years. If I need to replace it I'll get the Huges Autoformer. Most of the park problems you'll see are low voltage related. Their new units also have good surge protection as well (although not as advanced as the systems in their Watchdog units).
  • Greg F
    I have looked at them. I think it is the best solution out there but pricey. We don't plug in much and the Watchdog will disconnect the RV when the voltage is low protecting sensitive electronics by switching over to our inverter. The Autoformer isn't really an Automatic Transformer which *I think* is what some parks object to. This was an interesting video I saw with regards to the Hughes 'Autoformer' I wish it had the wifi/blutooth capability, I would probably spring for one if it did.

  • Lisa's RV Experience
    I bought the Technology Research (34520-002 120 Volt 30 Amp Hardwire Surge Guard from Amazon and haven't regretted it. My only complaint is that I don't know why when it fails to connect. Could be low volts, crossed wires, I never know. I think for an extra amount you can purchase a display but I didn't want to spend the extra $9 get that part.
  • Dhuhn
    I've had progressive industries ems 50 amp hardwired installed for over 5years been a good unit . has saved me a few times. there are other good products out there. its one thing you should not be without.
  • Greg F
    I went with the Hughes Watchdog. It arrived last night and this morning I temporarily hooked it up to test it out. Everything worked as it should. Wiring couldn't be simpler with well marked connections. The connection points are outside the enclosure. That may be a negative for some. It sure makes hooking it up a breeze though, especially with 6AWG wire.

    The bluetooth worked right after installing the app. One thing I hadn't thought about was how nice the app makes it to see exactly how much every AC appliance uses (like a kilowatt meter). Very quick and easy to see power usage and you can also keep a running total. This will be helpful when boondocking.

    The unit itself has a quick reference as the 'watchdogs' face is illuminated in white when everything is good and turns red if there is any problem. An alert is also sent to the phone in the event of any abnormality.

    So far, thumbs up! :cool:

  • Logan X
    very nice! I’ve heard that 6 gauge wire can be a bear to work with.
  • Rush and Lola
    Boy if one's phone dies then what do you do? No thank you. A smart phone is to expensive just so I can look at it. I like making holes in the walls of my rv.
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