• Regor
    Hi all,

    I purchased a 70amp progressive dynamics Charger PD9270V in anticipation of getting 4 golf cart lead acid batteries. However I ended up getting three renogy 100ah lithium batteries instead, that each have a 50 amp max charge rate - don’t want to damage the lithium’s by exceeding the max 50 amp max charge. However can I actually still use the 70amp charger on the parallel lithium’s - does the charge rate math go 3 x 50amp = 150 max charge rate? Thanks for any help...

  • RayAccepted Answer
    Yes, as long as the batteries are all in balance. When I got my lithiums I was told to make sure to fully charge each individually before hooking them together. To make sure they are all at the same charge state. Mine has a 100A max charge rating so I could charge the parallel bank at 300A max. But I see in the manual that 45A is recommended for long life or 135A combined.
    But even so, the BMS inside the battery should shut it down to protect the cells if too much charge current is happening.
  • Greg F
    What he said ^^^

    Congrats on the new batteries, you will love them!
  • Regor
    Great, thanks!

    Glad I can still use the PD Intelli-power charge wizard thingy, as the lithium-specific PD chargers seem to be even more pricey, though you’d think they are actually less complex with less charge modes, et. al...
  • Regor
    The other thing was, how do you isolate the batteries from the crap oem charger that otherwise supplies the 12v in the rv, when you’re hooked up to the mains power in an RV Park, etc..? Just a switch between the batteries, solar controller, etc.. and the RV 12v system that you have to switch off when your hooked up to power?
  • Ray
    I've left my OEM charger in place. What I usually do is leave it run when I'm on hookups for an extended time, like now we are stationary for months.
    Figure I may as well let it wear out idling 24/7 versus my expensive InteliPower converter. I just use my Intelipower for boondocking and need a quick charge via the generator. If I do want to turn off the OEM WFCO charger, there is a breaker on my power panel dedicated to it. Switch it off and it's gone. ;)
    If the OEM ever packs it in then I'll run an AC lead to the InteliPower and use it when on shore power.
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