• Randy Vallis
    Hi all, we are long time RVers originally from Newfoundland and Labrador now living Nova Scotia. It's been an adventure for us mostly good but there have been a few scary occasions along the way. I having been following Ray's youtube site for a number of years and have found his videos enjoyable and inspirational. Like so many RVers, sharing and helping others seems to a strong point for so many and now with Ray's new forum we hope to share and help others with our experiences. After owning a popup, hybrid, TT, Class A and now a 5th Wheel we have learned a few things along the way as well we are still discovering more. Thanks Ray for the invite.
  • 0utd00rGuy
    Welcome! People who have owned the multiple types of RV's have literally seen it all and probably experienced it all. I look forward to your expertise on the forum.
  • Randy Vallis
    One of the most amazing things that occurred was with my 1981 Bonaire 1200. We travelled everywhere with it. My wife said she was always amazed at how fast I could set up or breakdown especially in the rain :). What was truly amazing was the longevity of this trailer and how it had changed a families life. I owned that trailer for 10 years and sold it to a young family. The trailer was now 20 years old and immaculate. Many many years later I was talking to a lady on the phone from a bank, while talking with her she said "you don't remember me, I'm the woman who bought your Bonaire". I wondered to myself were was this going when she said "I want to thank you, you have changed our lives. We still own our lovely Bonaire and travel everywhere with it every weekend. Everything is still original and works like a charm." It was truly a great encounter and more over it was nice to have introduced a family into a life long experience of RVing.
  • 0utd00rGuy
    Very cool story! Your last statement about introducing a young family to a lifetime of RVing is right on. We keep inviting our different groups of friends when we travel, hoping to hook them into RVing. Many are starting to look for their "first" camper! Thanks!
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