• RVsolar
    Well with the world these days -what are you all thinking for this fall?
    We just lined up a place on the island if things happen and we cannot travel down to Big AZ and Mexico.
  • Ray
    We already have reserved a spot here at Thunderbird RV Park for the winter before the rush I can foresee happening and will wait and see how it all pans out.
    I'm thinking this may be the winter we stay here and then maybe do a summer trip to the USA and back to the east coast in 2021 if things are back to sort of normal. There are many places we don't get to see since it's so cold in the winter.
  • Colibabas
    We’ll be returning to the Victoria area from Vancouver in the fall. Hope to winter in the US southwest again in the fall of 2021. Stay safe and healthy everyone!
  • Randy Vallis
    Our biggest problem is not what we will do for the fall, it's as of this time we can't move any where in Nova Scotia. So until the restrictions are lifted our Titanium will remain in its RV driveway. The good news is maybe there are a few project I can get at while stuck at home. Rv
  • Rush and Lola
    Looks like we might finally see Ray Man. East umm, bet the Glonecks would love to have a gathering somewhere if ya do head east. Make sure you join boondockers welcome if you do. If your not already a member.
  • Lorraine
    We have made plans to stay in Penticton, BC at the RV park we came to in March when we headed home from AZ. We had to toss between wet but warmer hometown Campbell River where Ray is and colder but dryer Penticton where we’ve spent summers the past 7 years. Our across Canada trip planned to start May 20 this year is on hold till 2021. The decision to not go south this winter is already confirmed for us regardless.
  • Mary Lifeunderway
    Summers are frustrating for us to begin with because we can't stand heat or crowds. We've been keeping our eyes open for lots in cool areas (we're from the US) where we could put in an RV pad and spend the summer boondocking on our own property. Those places are increasingly hard to find, as most desirable places have adopted regulations forbidding RV camping. So now we're looking at similar properties that have little cabins on them, because then we can park both the motorhome (anyone want a 2018 Class C with a boatload of solar and lithium and a ton of other upgrades?) and the fifth wheel without a problem. Due to COVID, we'd stay beyond just the summer this year. Given the attitudes we've seen in AZ as well as parts of NM and CO, I fully expect a second and perhaps third wave of infections, so I'm not optimistic that the southwest US will be a safe place to snowbird this year. And FL is no better, of course.

    Stay safe, everyone.
  • bookoo
    We cancelled our fall east coast plans following the coastlines to AZ. We did make our trip plans and reservations in the southwestern states including Mexico. Lots of boondocking and easy cancellation if need be, but we stay optimistic. I feel it's better to plan and be excited for the future instead of obsessed on the "What If's". If worst comes to worse, we can always stay at home in N Idaho and do what we did before retirement. Ski every day and be thankful we have optionsand pray that our family and friends stay healthy.
  • Lisa's RV Experience
    I'm in NM now heading to the Dakotas, Montana and Wyoming for the summer into early fall then planning to return to AZ (I'm full-time). I'm just hoping I can travel south. Fingers crossed!
  • rsullivan25
    We were thinking of heading back to the US as is been 3 years since our last trip. However our plans have changed so will stay in Canada for the winter then, like a few of you it seems, we'll do a cross Canada trip next year. Then maybe South after that
  • Jetlag
    We canceled our Sturgis trip this year. It would of been the first year towing them so maybe it was a sign to keep riding :)
    The RV site is still open but ill take the loss and stay away from the border.

    One of the Sturgis runs
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