• TerryMac
    Our last big trip reminded me of a little problem we had. Well it's not really a problem but more of a irritant. When using our onboard water, every time you open a faucet etc. the water pump starts clattering away in the basement.

    It was very irritating at night to try to get a drink of water as the pump is under the bedroom.

    I added a pressure buffer to my water system to match what is done for home well systems. At the local big box store, masked, gloved, I bought a 2 gallon regulator tank. It contains an air bladder that is inflated to just below the pump activation pressure. (the initial setting was fine. It was factory set for 25 psi and my water pump activates at 30 psi.)


    The tank will hold about a gallon of water with the bladder compressed. This water is used when a faucet etc. is opened instead of needing to run the pump. Eventually the water pressure drops and the water is used up and the the pump will activate normally. It will run after you cut the faucet off, to replenish the water in the tank.

    I found a vacant spot in the basement area between the furnace and the hot water heater and under the shower. I tapped into the water distribution lines just after the city water connection. To get to that area, I removed the external shower compartment and added a "T" fitting.


    PEX water lines is the only way to go! On the tank, I used a Shark Bite threaded adapter and for everything else I used PEX crimp connectors. Finding enough room to operate the crimping tool was the biggest problem with this little mod.

    Note: I was also adding an exterior faucet and had to move the water pump. That is when I discovered that it had been installed incorrectly and the body of the pump was vibrating against some of the wooden framing. You really have to love those factory people!

  • Ray
    Nice upgrade! Thanks for sharing. :up: My RV builder did sort of the same stupid thing with our pump. The spray foamed the plastic in and out hoses to the floor, sounded like a machine gun. I upgraded the cheap pump and added flexible hosing in loops.
  • Bill Illman
    Terry, nice upgrade.
    How do you winterize ?
    When you drain your supply lines does the tank drain too ?
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