• Lisa's RV Experience
    Greetings, I'm in Wyoming and it's been no wind then horrific wind (26-30 mph) most afternoons. Last night the wind was so strong it swayed my Class A RV, I was terrified at the repeated flapping of the slide toppers so I closed my slides. If you have slide toppers, how much wind to you allow before giving in and pulling in the sides? I had been using about 20 mph but now that seems fairly mild.

    Any suggestions or recommendation?

  • Greg F
    I have 3 slide toppers on our truck camper. One of them tore due to high winds and flapping around. I had it replaced under warranty. Next year in the desert it ripped again. I finally just removed it altogether. The wind gusts were in the 30-40mph range but I think it depends more on which direction the wind in hitting the topper than the actual speed as long as it is high wind. Even in more moderate winds they can flap around making noise. I would move the slide in anytime they start flapping load enough to hear them inside to keep them from becoming damaged.

    On our new trailer I didn't add the toppers. I have come to the opinion that they are more trouble then they are worth if you camp where you get high winds. They also make it hard to clean the tops of the slides.
  • jalandry47
    Check out MTPockets response. I’m a wannabe so take this with a grain of salt.
  • Lorraine
    We have slide toppers on the 3 slides in our 5th wheel. In the past 8 1/2 years we have been in some nasty winds - including the location we are in at present.

    If the toppers are installed correctly and are tight enough, there won’t be so much movement and therefore not so much noise. If they are loose, they will flap unnecessarily and be noisy as well as have the potential to tear.

    Ours are now getting quite aged and since we are fulltime, they are always out and exposed. A couple of spots were showing some potential to fail, so Greg hooped them up with shoe goo. Our plan had been to replace them soon, but since we will be spending this winter in adverse climate, we decided to hold off.

    In a nutshell, we’ve never had to bring the slide in during high wind in order to protect the slide awnings. Only a couple of times we’ve had to bring the slides in because of our direction of exposure to the wind on the slide itself.
  • Ray
    I met a guy at an RV Park in Mojave, CA known for high winds. He told me one day a gust came through and hit the rig head-on. Ripped off all 4 toppers, he estimates it was about 100 MPH though. Like Greg said a lot will depend on the wind direction and like Lorraine says the install. I also imagine not all quality is the same. We just have one slide and never had a topper new and haven't had a reason to get one.
    @Colibabas posted a tip about stopping the flapping - https://forum.loveyourrv.com/discussion/209/stop-slide-room-topper-flapping
  • Dhuhn
    I have slide toppers on all my slide been in some strong winds never a problem with them. They have been on going on 5 years.
  • Lisa's RV Experience
    Thanks Greg, good advise. I've been holding at pulling in the slides at 30mph. I'll watch the direction now.

  • Lisa's RV Experience
    Great, maybe I won't worry so much about them. Thanks.
  • Lisa's RV Experience
    Thanks, maybe I won't replace the if they rip off. :grin:
  • Rush and Lola
    I was adviced by a rv tech to not install them, shortly after we bought our new F/W in 2016. Glad I didn't account of the Colorado winds have already broke my fiberglass flag pole twice this season. I seen the neighbors topper rip.
  • Lisa's RV Experience
    OMG 100mph? That's a major storm, I'd be driving out of that not just closing the sides!
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