• Ray
    In this video, install, setup, and review a wireless tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) made by a company called Minder Research. TireMinder is one of the most popular TPMS out there, so I was curious to give it a try.

    *Fair Disclosure* I received the TireMinder i10 free of charge from Innovation Tire in exchange for a review. I received no monetary compensation. Opinions are my own.

    First, I give you an overview of what is included in the kit. Then I go through the installation of the repeater module and setup up of the tires sensors. I explain the various alerts such as high/low PSI and excessively high temperatures. Finally, I demo it in action, in the truck cab, and list my product likes and dislikes.


    • Quality Feel to the Hardware
    • Easy to Setup
    • Shows up to 10 Tires on Screen at Once with PSI or Temp
    • +/- 1 PSI accuracy from 0-199 PSI
    • Monitor up to 20 Tires
    • Swap Between 4 Vehicles
    • Compact 3.15" Color Display
    • Long Battery Life
    • Power-Saving Sleep Mode - Wakes on Movement
    • Excellent Range and Signal Stability
    • Sensors: Small Size and Metal Build
    • Easy to Understand and In-Depth User Manual
    • 3 Year Warranty


    • LCD Display is Hard to Read in Bright Light
    • Requires the Booster/Repeater Hook Up
    • Display Quite Reflective
    • High/Low PSI Warnings Can't Be Adjusted
    • High Temp Warning Fixed at 167F (75C)


    Overall I give the TireMinder i10 TPMS a thumbs up. It's a quality built product with 3 warranty and excellent company support. If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive system that is easy to install & set up and does the job, then this could be the one.

    I think a decent TPMS is well worth the price and, for me, a must-have. Not only could it save a pile of money and inconvenience by avoiding a catastrophic tire failure. It may also save lives. I travel with peace of mind knowing what is going on with my trailer tires pressure and temperature.

    Purchase TireMinder i10 at Innovation Tire - Receive $20 off with discount code - loveyourrv

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  • Greg F
    Funny, I just set up out TST TPMS today, installing the valves and all. Install ands set-up was pretty easy. It also came with a repeater and I was interested in where you mounted yours. I was thinking just inside the front compartment double sticky tape on the inside. So far the signal seems strong but that's just walking away from the trailer. We will see once we drive with it. I think it will be a nice peace of mind knowing if a tire is going down I might have a shot at getting over before it unravels.
  • Ray
    Yeah, it's also good for keeping tabs on the wheel bearing and brakes. If a bearing overheats or a brake is dragging the temp will rise on the bad wheel letting you check into it before it becomes a major problem. I've seen photos of fail bearings that did a lot of damage, ruining the axle spindle or starting a tire fire.
    I remember one time I was coming down a fairly steep hill and a traffic light changed on me and I made a split decision to hit the brakes hard. A few miles later off went the alert. I had it set fairly low, about 100F.
  • Ray
    In this video, I demo 3 RV gadgets from a company called Minder Research. Recently I was sent out for review a TireMinder i10 TPMS and also reviewed these other 3 accessories.

    TireMinder Pressure Gauge - https://www.loveyourrv.com/TireMinderGauge

    TireMinder IR Temp Gun - https://www.minderresearch.com/tireminder/tireminder-infrared-tire-gauge-tmg-aaa-ir/

    TempMinder Fridge Thermometer - https://www.minderresearch.com/tempminder/tempminder-fridge-and-freezer-thermometer-mri-284kh/

    Recent TireMinder i10 TPMS Review - https://www.loveyourrv.com/tireminder-i10-rv-tire-pressure-monitor-system-review/
  • scotwilkie
    Hi Ray,
    I have an older (~2016) model of the Tire Minder and the perception is that the unit has worked well for ~6000+ miles. The set up is for 10 tires, dually truck and 4 on trailer. However while traveling I-80 through Nebraska last fall the Ford factory TPMS alert went off for my inter dual on driver side and I could audibly hear air leaking. The Tire Minder had no indication of the a leak. I pulled off on to the shoulder and found that the valve stem was broken off and the TPMS sensor was gone. Tire Minder still says pressure and temp on that tire are fine. Limped into a repair shop and got things fixed. While there looking at the trailer tires I noticed that one of the sensors for a trailer tire was also lost at some point along the route. Tire Minder gave no indication of that tire no longer communicating data.

    What I have learned is that receiver does not talk to the pressure sensors, it can only listen and displays whatever the last reading was, even when you press the button to update, you do not get a signal from the receiver to the pressure senors for an update, it just forces a display update of whatever was last sent.

    If a value stem fails, or a tire fails after a sensor detaches, Tire Minder will never known it. I don't think I'll spend the money on another TPMS until they have an active unit that can ping the sensor and know it is present rather then these passive units that display the last reading, even if it was days or weeks ago. Turn on the receiver unit with no sensors turned on and the receiver will show pressure and temp for all tires and no indication a of problem. The one tire failure I did have was never caught by the system, and I was unknowingly open to a tire failure that it couldn't detect.
  • Ray
    Interesting, I'm pretty sure my EEZRV has an alert, will have to double check, this is from it's manual.


    I'll have to do a test with the TireMinder i10 model. maybe they have addressed that deficiency.
  • scotwilkie
    I'll be interested in what you find out. I suspect they set things up this way to save battery on the sensors as they aren't having to constantly update with an "I'm alive" kind of signal.
  • Ray
    Maybe they wake up on motion, that way when not moving they can go to sleep and not be transmitting to save battery life. I'll test both units tomorrow.
  • Ray
    I tried with both systems to pull the battery out of the sensor to simulated loss of signal. They both kept reporting the last values, no alarm
    The TireMinder even on a display on/off cycles kept the same PSI and Temp values.
    The EEZTire with display power down and back on didn't alarm but showed a blank tire, no values.
  • scotwilkie
    Thanks for verfing what I've notice. So there still is some catastrophic failures many TPMSs won't catch, nor a real time warning of a lost sensor. Keep up the good work!
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