• Gidgit
    We have just purchased a 2008 Cougar Fifth wheel that is in pristine condition other than the cupboard door glass has translucent vinyl that has air bubbles ? Has anyone here had this happen? or have any suggestions on how to fix it? Thank you:)vk7ovgktjao813mi.jpg
  • Greg F
    Hi Gidgit, Welcome to the group and Congrats on your new Cougar!

    Does it look like clear plexiglass with an opaque film on it? You might try some heat from a heat gun or possible even a hair dryer to see if you can separate the film. You could then apply a new film for the "frosted" look if that's what you like. I am somewhat dubious though that separating the film form the plastic will turn out well. Worth a try anyway.

    I think the best way to approach it might be to remove the doors and take them to a glass store where they can cut new panes to match out of tempered glass. There are lots of options on the glass from clear to various opaqueness.
  • Gidgit
    Thank you Greg F,
    I will have a closer look, There is a label on the vinyl on each door that says "Do Not Remove"
    ;( I will try a little heat see if that helps.
    Thank you ;)
  • Ray
    Maybe you could take one door off and take to a vinyl shop like the ones that do car wraps and signs, etc. See what they think.
    Do you often store at cold temps? I'm thinking maybe the contraction rate of different materials could have caused it. I've heard from folks that store the RV at extreme cold temps where they actually had their vinyl flooring all crack and bubble.
  • Gidgit
    Hi Ray,
    The RV as far as we know was not kept in extreme cold temps. That would not be good to have the floor cracked. I looked closer at the label it is "Safety Backed Glass" I am going to take a door off and see what can be done. Thank you for your replys ;)
  • Dhuhn
    Looks like the film they put on windows when they ship to protect them. Maybe previous owner put film on to hide what’s in cabinet. Looks like it would peel off.
  • Greg F
    Sounds like they are glass and that plastic film is for safety to keep them from shattering into little pieces hence the warning. Replacement with tempered glass would be the best option IMO. Easy job for a glass shop.
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