• 0utd00rGuy
    In our travels to many different campgrounds across the east coast, we have met many RVers who travel with their dogs. We have met dogs that sit quietly and calmly at their sites when people pass by, we've parked our rig next to a rig where a small dog barks for the entire day while the owner is out, and we've dealt with the dreaded "campground charge" when we walk our dog past a site where the other dog needs to make his presence known, effectively scaring us and our pet. Truth be told, our dog, while friendly, has started to do the campground charge at other dogs. This is not ok. My dog is a bird dog and we hunt together during the fall. I purchased the Garmin Pro 550 e-collar to use for hunting, but never really use it for basic training in the house or at the campground. Since her charging is relatively new, we needed to nip it in the butt quickly. This collar has proven to be a very worthwhile purchase. Though it is more pricey than other models available ($399. at gundogsupply and amazon), it has a long lasting battery, it is very high quality, and both the dog collar and the user controller stand up well to the weather. The controller is easy to learn to use, and it has an auto- bark limiter setting should you wish to let it do it's thing on it's own.
    Those of you with new-to-camping dogs may benefit from training them with an e-collar like this right from the start. It's benefits in all situations have worked wonders for my dog. Though she is not a flight risk and generally wants to stay around me, her curiosity has caused her to wander into the road. The collar has allowed me to keep her in check and to avoid an accident when trucks and rigs are passing by. Just thought I'd share what has worked for me to help enjoy our dog more on our camping trips!
  • Ray
    Interesting, never knew that Garmin made such a product, looks really sophisticated.
  • Greg F
    We have used e trainer on one of our dogs. It has a beep, a vibrate and a shock. We only use the beep and vibrate. That has worked pretty well to disengage her brain when it tunnel visions on another dog. We have done quite a bit of training, good k9 citizenship classes etc but she has a hard time controlling herself sometimes. She had a pretty f'd up first couple years of her life before we got her. One reason we like to boondock AMAP

  • Lisa's RV Experience
    I *am* that person with the barking dog when I leave the campsite, I hate it but my dog has such separation anxiety and I can't seem to fix it. I just purchased this model from Amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075FV9Z6B/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
    I purchased this for the same reason that Greg F mentions above, I plan to use it also with just the beep and the vibration. My brother has this model for his dog and it worked great.
  • Logan X

    Thanks for being a responsible dog owner and being aware of the impact your dog has on the people around you. It is frustrating to be out camping and have to deal with issues from someone else’s animal.
  • 0utd00rGuy
    It is frustrating, but I think everyone appreciates your effort to curb the behavior. Whether I like it or not, some people aren’t dog people, and constant barking can make a person crazy!
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