• Ray
    In this video, I demo, test, and give my initial review of the new SOK SK12V100 12V lithium battery. I test charging, discharging, and check it's overall amp-hour capacity. I also take the top cover off and give you a peek inside.

    Disclaimer: Love Your RV! received this SOK product sample free of charge for the review.

    Overall, so far I think it's not a bad deal for the money. Pros are the price, beefy case design, and heavy-duty BMS. Cons are it's from a relatively unknown company, limited North American support, and undersized internal power cable gauges.

    I plan to use the SOK battery in our RV for the rest of the summer and come back with a final review of its performance.

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    Another excellent review
  • Greg F
    Interesting. They also have a 200ah battery as well.

    You can series connect up to 48v, I like that.

    Videos like this just go to show there really isn't any magic in the box. Just (4) 3.2v LiFFePO4 in series connected to a BMS. The parts they offer are the same as what's in the case.

    It's cool that you can design and build your own battery using parts from their website but parts like this have been available for years and you can build something yourself for less if you don't mind coming up with your own case/restraint.

    For a drop-in they look like a decent option for the price.
  • Ray
    On their website they say the company was formed 4 years ago by 3 engineers from CALB. Their rep tells me that the cells are UL and TUV certified and from a top factory in China that provides cells to BMW. They seem like a decent little company trying to put out a good product, though they could use a little more polish to the website for a North American audience. Always good to have competition out there.
  • Ray
    As promised here is the review update video to my original from a little over a month ago - https://www.loveyourrv.com/sok-lithium-lifepo4-rv-battery-demo-tests-and-initial-review/

    In this video, I do an amp-hour capacity test then take the SOK battery apart and check for heating and various voltage drops. Plus, I give you a closer look at the battery cell used and the BMS (Battery Management System) board.

    I finish the video with my overall impression of the battery and announce that I will be giving it away to one of my lucky subscribers after the LYRV channel passes 75,000 subscribers.

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