• Greg F
    I picked up this fridge/freezer thermometer just recently. I knew it would be warm out and I was curious to see how well the Norcold fridge cooled.



    The unit comes with magnets or flip out table top leg. Since our faux stainless fridge attracts magnets it mounts right on the door. It also has the two remotes, one for the freezer and one for the fridge.


    So far I have been happy. It has worked flawlessly and the fridge has been keeping up with some 100+ degree days. It is easy to see the role that sun on the backside of the fridge plays. I can see some advantages of having the fridge on the door side of the RV shaded by an awning. I have been thinking about how I could better shade ours from the sun.

    As a side I was curious how the rechargeable AA lithium batteries I used would work in the freezer. No issues but I will let them warm up before recharging them when the time comes.

  • Ray
    I like it, nice big readout. Does that rig have absorption of compressor fridge?
  • Greg F
    It has a 12 cf 4 door Norcold ammonia absorption fridge.

    I went back and forth many times on this choice. Were have the system to easily power the more efficient residential fridge and who doesn't like the added space, no defrosting the freezer etc. People that have them for the most part seem to love them but a fair number also had issues with them breaking down. The reasoning seems to be that the compressor isn't designed to be taking shots and vibrations from the road. Some RV dealers quit stocking units with residential fridges and their size can mean pulling a slide to replace it. The rv dealers/manufacturers throw it on the fridge manufacturer and they deny the claim since it was used in a mobile setting. It seems their best application is on class A rigs that have a much softer ride.... at least these are the reasons I have come across.

    So reluctantly we went with the Norcold. We still run it on electric most of the time even though it consumes 3-4x the power. I haven't upgraded the fan system in the back yet but did better insulate the area and direct airflow from the stock fans out the upper vent much better than OEM.

    It is nice though having the ability to run on propane when needed. If/when it conks out I will probably see what's available in 12/24v fridges. I am loving the ICECO chest fridge/freezer.

    So far it has been doing ok but in this heat our ice cream is a little soft. Fortunately that's just the way I like it :)
  • Drew
    Hi Greg,

    Which Iceco model do you have? Do you keep it outside, and what features do you like best?

    Thanks, Drew
  • Greg F
    We have the VL60 dual zone. So far it has been battling the 100 degree heat admirably. We have it stowed in the front compartment of our 5th wheel. It is powered on our 12v coach hardwired into the jacks/slides busbar.

    I Discussed a little more in this post.



    Features we liked:

    Durable/industrial feel. Nice mechanical door latches and handles.

    Dual zone. So far we have just used it for freezer space but it holds a lot and allowed us to stock up big time for meats from our local butcher. Saves money and no worries when we get into food deserts along the way.

    Price. Pretty reasonable when you look at the others.


  • Drew

    Thanks for the feedback. I wonder if they make that nice cover for that model. That would help insulate it even further and keep it from getting scarred up.

  • Greg F
    They do and it is on the list. Or DW may make something using reflectix and a heavy canvas material like she did for the front cap window. Either way it is working pretty hard in these 100 degree days.
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