• dnoordhoff
    I intend to replace the existing 110 volt television in my TT with a 12 volt model. I will power it using either my Renogy Phoenix or Suaoki S601 "solar" generators, and in future I may get a 12 volt outlet permanently installed and use that to run on my TT batteries..
    Has any member got a recommendation for a make/model 12 volt TV available in Canada?
    Thanks for your help!

  • Ray
    Just a thought but another option may be to use a small inverter then you can just buy a regular 120 VAC TV and have much more selection to choose from and an inverter to power other things.
    There may be a small loss of power in the inverter but not much. The newer LED TVs are very efficient power-wise. Really most 12Vs are like 120 VAC types with circuitry similar to an inverter built into them. Most of the 12V TVs are junk as the better TV manufacturers don't bother with the small 12V market.
    But because they are 12V and a niche market they can charge more. Being cheaply made they may actually draw more power than a good quality more power-efficient TV on an external inverter.
  • dnoordhoff
    Thanks for your advice, Ray. I will check out the power requirements of some efficient 120 Volt TVs. Any suggestions?

  • Ray
    Samsung, Sony, Sharp, LG, Vizio are all pretty good brands. Look for ones that use LED backlighting.
  • George
    of all the brands Ray mentioned I would recommend LG. They are one of two manufactures of flat screen TV's. Sony is the other manufacture. Most are made by these two companies under license for for other companies. Check that it has Wifi , ethernet , USB ,VGA and HDMI inputs.
  • Tim Bowman
    I use an inverter to power the 110v TV that came with our new travel trailer. It works just fine. My little inverter will provide 75w of continuous 110v power.
  • Susan
    I have a Jackery Power Station 160 to power the TV. It lasts at least 10 hours or more. It's very small and lightweight too. I bought it to power a fan and the TV and it does fine. It doesn't work on anything that requires heat though (hair dryer). I'm sure there are other brands of power stations, that's just the brand I have. They are pretty handy to have.
  • dnoordhoff
    Thanks to all for their comments and recommendations.
    I have two small power stations ... a Suaoki S601 that has a capacity of 20 Ah and a maximum output of 200 W, and a Renogy Phoenix that has a capacity of 16 Ah and a maximum 150 W output. I'm hoping a new flat screen will draw 25 watts so these power stations will run it for several hours each.
    I can charge the stations with a solar panel, my Champion 2000 Watt gas generator, shore power when available, or the tow vehicle. I hope not to need to do so too often.
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