• Ray
    In this video, I unbox, install, and demo the Floe 636 Induratec 12V Automated Drainage System. I also open the cover to give you a look inside at how it works.

    Basically, the Floe is a little air compressor with a preset max 15 PSI pressure switch and various valves and piping. It gets installed inline on the RV water plumbing feed between the freshwater tank and the water pump.

    Once installed, it allows the user to quickly drain out any water in the plumbing pipes by using compressed air to clear the lines. The main applications for this are winterizing the RV or removing old stale water.

    I found the installation was quite easy. Install parts came in the kit, and minimal tools were required. The kit comes in 12 VDC, or 120VAC powered versions.

    Overall I give the Floë Drain Down System a thumbs up for ease of use and installation. It works as advertised, making clearing the water lines a quick and straightforward task, even for one person. The only downside I see is the price, current going for $250 on the LCI store. I feel its a bit high for what you get.

    Link to the Floë Integrated Drain Down System on the LCI Store - https://www.loveyourrv.com/floe
    More of my Lippert Components (LCI) RV product installs and reviews - https://www.loveyourrv.com/tag/lci/

    Disclaimer: Love Your RV! received this LCI product sample free of charge for the install and review.
  • Greg F
    Looks neat. I have never winterized a camper. Being in central CA the few times it has dropped below freezing I just through a space heater in the camper. I could see how this could be a real time saver if you did this regularly.
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