• Ray
    Starting to get my winter gear together. The RV skirting kit I ordered just arrived and a dehumidifier on the way. Figured I better get them early before the rush. Skirting is from a company called EZ Snap, the same as my window shades. Stay tuned for install videos coming up soon. Going to skirt around the main part of the RV and make a little room under the fifth wheel overhang.

  • RVsolar
    Yeah buddy heading out soon and have to get our winter gear as well !!!
    That little is the dog house when you Are BAD!!!!!
  • Ray
    haha, yeah, maybe I better put in a subfloor and a wood stove. :)
  • RVsolar
    don't Forget TV good comfortable chair you well not need a fridge it well be winter LOL!!!
  • Eddie Aileen
    @RayThis was my "Man Cave" a few years back in the -35*F below Wyoming Winters!
    Happy Trails...Pal!!!
  • Greg F
    Sorry to hear you won't be making the yearly pilgrimage south into the States. Will you and Anne be traveling at all this winter or just burrowing in and hunkering down in BC?
  • Ed Camping

    How cold does it get in BC where you are staying? Do you insulate your windows also? Heat under the 5th wheel because you will have skirting?
  • Ray
    I lived on Vancouver Island for over 40 years and often winter camped in a van, so have an idea of what to expect. Average daytime highs in mid-winter around here are in the neighborhood or 40F and lows around 33F, average snowfall in mid-winter around 6" a month. Fighting moisture and windy rainstorms will be the biggest deal, versus any bitter cold. Usually what happens is low-pressure systems stack up in the Pacific and roll in one after the other bringing lots of clouds, wind, and rain but keeping temps mild, but every once on a while an Arctic outflow will happen, and cold air dives down over the Rockies and out to the coast. During these spells skies usually clear and temps drop below freezing even during the day and at night as low as 10F.

    It usually lasts a few days or so, maybe a week, and then the normal westerly Pacific airflow returns. But every once on a while you can get the cold arctic air hitting the moist Pacific air right over the Island and a big snow dump can occur. One year in the 90s in Victoria we had over 3 feet in a day or so. But many years barely a dusting takes place. So there is quite a bit of variability but overall the area is known for mild winters, much like Seattle.

    Many Canadians actually snowbird out here every year as a winter destination versus traveling down into the USA or Mexico. Compared to the middle of Saskatchewan its downright balmy. ;)

    I'm planning to add 3M shrink plastic to the windows we don't look out of much and will have at least one heater under the skirting, likely below our bedroom. We have free electricity at this park so will try and max out our 30A service as much as I can so I can save on propane cost. Also, may use some solar power when the sun is out to help heat. Usually when its sunny here in the winter is means its cold, so would help in the day to run a small heater.
  • RVsolar
    well said our first time wintering on the inland.
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