• Ray
    In this video, I continue my 2020/2021 winter RVing preparations with installations of an air conditioner cold-weather cover and Mopeka wireless LP gas level indicator for my two 30 lb LP Gas (propane) cylinders.

    The AC cover will help protect the unit from the freezing weather and reduce cold drafts inside the RV. With the wireless propane tank level meter, I should get a more convenient and accurate idea of when I need to head out for a refill.

    The vinyl AC cover simply fits over the rooftop plastic cover and has a drawstring at the bottom to hold it in place. I also decided to layer the inside vent cover with Reflectix foil for added insulation against the cold.

    The Mopeka transmitter attaches magnetically to the bottom of the propane cylinders and has two methods of attaining the level readings. One, a physical LED panel that I mounted next to my battery monitor or two a smartphone app. The smartphone app is much more accurate by displaying level readings as a percentage full.

    Link to my other winter prep and cold weather RVing tips videos - https://www.loveyourrv.com/tag/winter/
  • Keith
    Nice video Ray.

    I've used my Mopeka level indicators for a couple of years. The first set of batteries lasted about a year, the second set are still going.

    Until recently I haven't had a problems with the aluminum feet. Last fill I lost one during transport.

    Occasionally I forget to remove the sensors when I pull the tank to get it filled. If you ever leave them to get filled, they come off pretty easy and could get lost. I put my name and phone number on mine.

    Good product, I think you'll appreciate the convenience and accuracy.

  • Concord Traveler
    Thanks for the video Ray. I’ve used these for over 2 years now and love knowing how much propane is in the tanks. I have the ring instead of the clips to lift the tank and find those easy to use. The only issue I have had is lately after taking the tanks for a refill, it took a while to get the sensors working again. I saw they now provide the dielectric grease which I never had, so I tried spraying a little silicon lubricant on the rubber pad, and walla, they work like a charm now. I guess a good water proof lubricant is needed to keep the rubber pads in shape. Probably not on every fill up but whenever they may seem to need a little care.
    Glad you did the unboxing.
  • Ray
    Interesting, thanks for sharing that. Cheers, Ray
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