• Catie
    Hi RV Fam!

    My name is Catie, I'm 35, work from home and my wife and I are buying our first RV to make into a permanent home for us and our Pugs!

    Here is our story, sorry for the length but if you'd like to know more, read on! It's full of drama, heartache, but also excitement as it leads to our road to freedom on the RV highway!

    For the past 4 years we lived in Birmingham, Alabama which is a great city and the people really deliver on southern hospitality. Having grown up as a kid, going to the beach in Florida each year for summer vacation (usually St. Augustine or Daytona) I grew to really have an affection for Florida and view it as the ultimate "heaven on earth".

    Shortly after the first of the year we made the decision and we left our apartment in Birmingham to stay temporarily with my parents in Mississippi where we could save up to make our big move to Florida.

    During our stay in Mississippi we discovered the Tiny Home movement which led us to RV's and other forms of "Home on Wheels". WE WERE CAPTIVATED! We loved it! I researched Tiny Homes, RVs, everything relentlessly!

    My parents had planned to retire to Florida but unfortunately they just never had the opportunity. With my wife and I there we decided to put our dream together and make the move together hand in hand. My Mom has a sister and family in Florida who gave her some land and she flew down for a few days to view some prefab homes. She sent some designs and colors back and upon her return she and my Dad picked out their new "dream home".

    Sadly in September my Dad passed away, it shook as all and it solidified my Mom's passion to move and so a plan came into place. Her family owns a small 16x16 studio apartment near the same land they gave my Mom and said we could stay there as long as we wanted using it as a temporary Tiny Home and see how the shoe fit before making a move.. things seemed amazing and everything was falling into place, we have been helping my Mom pack up, sell things, etc...

    Then one day it seemed as if tragedy struck again but it was really something of a blessing in disguise! We got a call that my Uncle had decided to sell the land that our temporary Tiny Home was on!!! Where would we stay?! What would happen to us and our pugs? Panic set in.

    Once the panic wore off and I put my thinking cap on it was clear, we decided to make the leap. We would make the jump, head first into RV world! When we shared our plan with my Aunt and Uncle they were excited and ensured us that when the power is being connected at my Mom's new home they would go ahead and have them include everything necessary for us to connect an RV, in addition to providing a means to connect to the water well on the land and even working out a sewage solution.

    It was clear they felt bad about having to sell our would-be temporary Tiny Home and so when we arrive we'll have everything we need in place to use my Mom's new home to double as an RV Park hookup, we'll even have free WiFi!

    So friends the search is ON!

    With support of our family and friends we're embarking on a new adventure! While we still have much to learn and it can feel very daunting at times we have been checking the available markets for used RVs. Hopefully if all goes as planned we will be making a purchase by this weeks end to get everything in order towards moving our belongings we we intend to keep before we get to Florida.

    We are beyond excited and I can't begin to express how much we've learned from Love Your RV!'s YouTube channel.

    We hope to get to know all of you and maybe some of us will cross paths on the road one day!!

    Much love and best wishes, stay safe!!

    Catie & Destiny
  • Dhuhn
    Welcome to the forum. Lot of good info and good people on here.
    Good luck on your new endeavor.
  • Catie
    Thank you very much!!! :smile:
  • Keith
    Welcome! While we have a house in Florida (north of Tallahassee) we are full timers in our RV. I'm fully employed working on our 5th wheel, my wife is a telecommuter.
    The best advice I can give you for buying an RV.
    Make sure everything you need works! Make sure you have the storage you need in your RV. Sit on the couch, etc. and look around, where will you put your dishes, silverware, clothes, dog food, etc. And lastly, check the Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC), and if you plan to move it in the future, do you have the vehicle to tow it.

    Good luck and enjoy!
  • Pam Dittus
    Congrats and good luck!
  • Robin canfield
    Welcome to the RV family, Allow me to recommend RV Armor, they are a company out of Florida, they have a RV roof coating product that is a great idea for used RVs , the single most problem with RVs is water intrusion, and most of the time it’s from the roof, RV Armor is warranted for the life of the unit the warranty goes with the vin number so no matter the owner it’s covered, if I sound like a salesman it’s because I experienced a catastrophic failure and upon the first year inspection discovered a leak had been going on for some time that hadn’t yet shown up inside [see pictures] . The nice time is that you never have to add sealant or caulk around fittings on the roof ever again and if you have an accident they will come to where you are to repair it, also for the original installation they have technicians all over the country who are full timers who will come to where you are to do the job. When I figure out how to post pictures here I will add them .
  • Keith
    Wow! That is a lot of damage.
    You never got any indication of a leak up on the roof?
    Did you ever determine the source of the leak?
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