• David Ford
    We bought are first RV a 30" Cougar 5th Wheel n the fall of 2016. I want to thank Ray for dramatically shorting the learning curve along the way. I have had a couple of roof issues mostly in the early days of ownership. The caulk had dried up at the intersection of the roofing and the front cap and leaked which luckily I caught right away and re caulked. Caulking seems to be the weak link in the chain. We live at 8600' elevation and the Colorado sun is relentless. The other issue was driving down a narrow steep mountain road and hitting some low branches. Wasn't much I could do as there was no place to turn around. The damage was not too bad. Mostly small holes that I covered with Turnabon tape which has not leaked. The Turnabon tape is bubbling in places, the caulking is getting uglier, I'd like to stop worrying about hidden leaks and I'm getting older. So I'm looking for a roof that is durable and does not require much in the way of maintenance. Has anyone had experience with RV Armor? Any other suggestions?
  • 2naEagle
    If you want the best roof there is go with FlexArmor. I have a 2017 Jayco North Point and a 2021 Jayco Redhawk. I have the FlexArmor on both. There is nothing thicker of tougher.
  • David Ford
    Thanks for the info. There nearest location is a days drive but may be worth it. If you need to change out a skylight or vent can you do it locally or must it be done by FlexArmor?
  • 2naEagle
    If you plan on keeping the camper it is definitely worth it. They would have to do any repairs. Now would be a good time to replace any skylight or add vent fans that you like. Once you have this done you are pretty much through with roof worries and any maintenance.
  • jbowles
    Good info.
  • Zeb - Michele
    Last year I cleaned and replaced the shower skylight and did a Ray job of EternaBond tape on all joints plus sealing all tape edges with Dicor 501LSW lap sealant ( Thank you Ray for the informative video ). Then this past Sept. I removed the three solar panels, maxi vent covers & A/C, re-cleaned, primed and used Proguard's Liquid Rubber Roof, using a squeeeie and roller. Rolling on a second coat in the spring.Came out great. Good for at-least 10 years
  • Doug Schneider
    Hi David, We just had RV Armor do our roof and it was damaged by a small hole puncture. Are insurance covered it all. RV Armor does come to you and it does carry a lifetime warranty so you'll never have to worry about your roof again. Hope that helps.
  • David Ford
    Thanks guys. We are having a December thaw and I went up on the roof to take care of a few things and felt comfortable doing it. That got me thinking about the possibility of Crazy Seal. Any one have any pros or cons on it?
  • David Ford
    Hi Zeb. I had not run into Liquid Rubber Roof. watched the YouTube on it and looks good. I will research it some more.
  • Zeb - Michele
    David, As usual the worst part was the prep cleaning and taking the AC off and on. Other than that it was a breeze to roll on.
  • Rush and Lola
    Solar by Mobilehomestead solar services.
  • TerryMac
    Several years ago my roof was worn down to the black was showing through. I used a product called Henry's Tropi-Cool. It is like a super thick paint and is 100% silicone. I just rolled on and let it dry. It flows into pinholes crevasses and cracks.

    I have been very happy with the life of the product (still going strong) and as a DIY project, it was less than $500 for materials (about 30 feet of roof and had lots left over).

    As a DIY guy, the other options were out of my league.

    They have a web site and there were some YouTube videos out there. My grandson and I did our camper in a weekend.
  • Ray
    @Eddie Aileen used that on one of his old campers, seems like good stuff. He wrote a post for my site about the install - https://www.loveyourrv.com/worn-rv-rubber-roof-henry-tropi-cool-coating/
  • Eddie Aileen
    Thanks! Yep it was one of the RV repairs that went better than I had hoped it would.
    As far as I know it is still doing great after 4+ years now. It's been a year sense I have seen it.
    We gave the old 5th wheel to a friend, so I will ask him how it is doing UTD.
    I'm about to give the newer "Mobile Homestead" a coat. We have a 16 gage aluminum roof, but I want it to help with keeping the roof cooler & water shedding off the roof better.
    Here is a follow up video I did on the Henry's Tropi-cool 887 after 4 months.
    Happy Trails!!!
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