• Greg F
    We have been pretty busy getting our house ready to sell and haven't been around here much. Really missing traveling and looking forward to a new year.

    Adding some shocks to the 5th wheel!

    I don't like the way the trailer bounces going down the road so I thought I would give these a try. I also researched having independent suspension installed at Morryde but the cost and time commitments were discouraging.

    This kit from Roadmaster was about $450 from e-trailer and the install looks pretty straightforward. I put the trailer up on some blocking to add space to work underneath. The instructions want the weight of the trailer on the wheels so no jacks.

    I will be starting the install tomorrow. If anyone has any experience or words of wisdom they are welcome!

    Happy New Years All. :party: :party: :party:


  • Eddie Aileen
    Nice upgrade, did that to our old 5th wheel back in 2011. One of the best upgrades to the running gear.
    Happy Trails!!!
  • Greg F
    Install was pretty straight forward. The hardest part was mounting the upper brackets which bolt into the trailer I beam frame. The access is narrow and I ended up cutting a drill bit down and using a right angle drill adaptor.

    I haven't had a chance to try them out yet but hopefully they will help mitigate the bouncy nature of their trailer when pavement isn't super smooth.

    I am also considering upgrading the hitch to either a Trail Air like Ray uses or possibly going a different route and trying the Gen Y shock absorbing gooseneck hitch. If anyone has experience with these I am all ears. :) The Goose neck should make for a weight reduction and open up more space in the bed.


  • Eddie Aileen
    Good Job!
    Happy Trails!!!
  • Ray
    Good job, looks like an addition that will pay off in the end.
  • Greg F
    Thanks guys!
  • Lorraine
    Greg added shocks to ours in 2018 and yes, it made a huge difference. We have a 2009 Cedar Creek 5th wheel and Lippert had a “kit”. One side was relatively easy install, but the other was confined because of the slide. He had to take that one bracket to a local welder and have it modified to fit properly, and it worked fine doing that. We already had the Moryde hitch (like Ray’s) which in itself was an improvement.
  • Greg F
    Good to hear. I did look at the Lippert shock system, it mounts on the outside of the frame instead of the inside. I had heard of some issues with clearances but once mounted they are suppose to work excellent. Glad here he was able to modify it.

    The next mod is a new Reese Goose Box Gooseneck to replace the stock rigid kingpin. I think with both these mods the trailer should be pretty smooth.
  • Drew
    Never seen a goose neck hitch like that. Those links must be part of the shock absorbing design. Yes, the increased bed storage and weight savings are attractive. We have a motor home but I'd be interested in the design details.
  • Greg F
    I ended up ordering this one. It has shocks and and air bag, so pretty similar to units like the trail air Ray uses but does not require a big hitch in the bed, just the ball reducing weight and bed space, especially when not towing, the ball just pops out. No heavy lifting

    I really like the Gen Y unit I pictured above but it is not approved by the trailers frame manufacturer and I am not even a year into the three year warranty..

    Resse Goose Box
  • Drew

    Very informative- thanks! I really like the basic style and functions of the locking mechanism. It seems like it totally eliminates the possibility of the trailer dropping onto the bed rails due to the inability in seeing the king pin lock into the hitch. I'm a little surprised that I haven't seen this before and that more 5th wheel owners don't use it.
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