• Greg F
    Any Harvest Hosts members here?

    We signed up for the first time this year. Harvest Host is a network of businesses that allow free overnight RV access to members. Most are family type businesses such as wineries, ranches, farms, museums etc. The number of locations is fairly impressive for such a low yearly cost.


    We paid $45/year after finding a discount code online. Normally $50. After becoming a member they will give you little kickbacks to bring new members on. We haven't done that ourselves but for someone with a youtube audiance it could be a way to make a few bucks if you like the service enough to recommend them.

    Unfortunately our trip was cut short this year but we did stay at 4 locations. A date farm just outside Death Valley, 2 wineries and one cauliflower farm seen here near Yuma. Much better than the overcrowded BLM stop just a mile down the road.


    These are one night stays unless business allows longer We stayed 2 nights at the cauliflower farm. No hook-ups or other services. You are not required to buy anything but it certainly is encouraged to at least find the owner and thank them while you have a look around. At each location we made some small purchases. Good stuff like wine that we would normally purchase anyway.

    We have been very happy. The stops are unique and fun. Never had a date shake before. :)

    Just thought I would pass it along. Here is a link to learn more if it sounds like something interesting to you.

    Harvest Hosts
  • Ray
    Thanks for sharing. I thought they were mostly wineries. Not much for wine so didn't pay much attention, but sounds like there are some other interesting places. :heart: Cauliflower! :up:
  • Greg F
    So far our favorite was China Ranch Date Farm. Maybe because it was so unexpected and quirky.

    China Ranch Date Farm
  • RichardM
    A great program and worth every penny of the membership fee. Every place we've stayed at was a gem. I think our favorite places have been farms. Right now, we are behind a museum.

  • Wade Norton
    We are new to HH. We’ve stayed at one golf course in Yuma

    It was great experience and we look forward to the next. It certainly beats the Walmart parking lot.
    Yes, we've been members for a few years now and quite enjoy it. Several locations in Canada we've used. HH was bought out from the original owners, so hence the price increase. The current rate is $71US for a yearly membership without the golf courses. I believe it's $99US a year with the golf courses. We don't golf so when we renew this year I'm hoping we'll get the same low price we've been paying. But Ray, you'd enjoy the farms and other places they offer. It is a great deal if you use it on a regular basis.
  • Ray
    I'll have to give it a try. I remember last summer the new owner contacted me asking me to be an affiliate for them. If it is a good thing it may be an idea..
    It never hurts to change things up every once in awhile! ;-)
  • Rush and Lola
    If your a gold member at RVillage you get 20% off on membership.
  • Scott
    We're HH members. Just signed up this year but have stayed at HH more than other campgrounds. But then we just bought our first RV so we haven't stayed much of anywhere yet! We've stayed at two wineries and love both places even though we don't drink wine. We still try to buy something at their gift shop as a thank you. One of the wineries even had 3 spots with water and electric! No sewer and no dump station though. We love HH!
  • Logan X
    It looks like a cool program. We are going to consider joining.
  • Patricia Seaton
    I joined before I even bought my RV with a discount offered through a YouTube vlogger. It is nice to read the positive comments as I haven’t started on my journey yet.
  • Zeb - Michele
    We joined just before there price increase this year, Was thinking of joining and saw that it was going up in RV Travel news letter.
  • Paul Young
    We joined. Haven’t stayed at one yet. A cool location to add would be Air Museums! Plenty of space for a camper to park. Call it “Camp on the Ramp”. Would be nice if they had more locations in Sonoma/Napa the Mecca of wineries.
  • RichardM
    There are air museums within Harvest Hosts. Though the parking is in their parking lots and not on the ramp.
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