• Ray
    This video introduces you to the compact but powerful HIMCEN H740P 740 Watt Hour portable power station. The H740P will be out for sale soon and boasts several unique features compared to similar power boxes on the market.

    Disclaimer: The HIMCEN H740P power station review sample was provided to me free of charge.

    The H740P has a removable battery pack that can be separately charged. This feature allows you to expand the power storage capacity greatly. Additionally, the HIMCEN boasts a speedy recharge time. As little as 2-3 hours! Other interesting perks are a 100W USB-C charge/discharge port and an XT60 30 amp DC output port for charging RC planes/cars and drone battery packs.

    I give you a close look at the nicely designed battery pack, the specs, how it is removed and reinstalled, plus a couple of quick demo tests. Starting with a heavy load test. I max out the power station's 600-watt pure sine inverter, and I see if and how long it can power my little True North electric heater set to 600W mode ( 1 hour and 5 minutes).

    Then I try a full recharge using the supplied AC power adapter outputting 200 watts ( a little over 3 hours). If I were to add a 100W USB-C charger, the charge time could be reduced even more since the two charging inputs can be used simultaneously. A terrific feature.

    Stay tuned as I will soon have another video out with more in-depth testing and demos of the HIMCEN H740P power station, plus my full review. The H740 Pro price is listed at $899, but the word is there may be a significant introductory sale when it hits the market.

    HIMCEN website link for in-depth product information and specs - https://www.himcenbattery.com/products/portable-power-station-himcen-740-pro

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  • RVsolar
    Wow should have a some power in that 1 and it should be handy.
  • Drew
    I wonder how much the output voltage goes down- especially towards the end of the battery capacity.
  • Nitehawk
    Hi Ray,
    Happy new year, hope you and Ann are keeping safe.
    I tried to register for the news letter and any updates on the product however when i tried, it keeps giving me an error.is something wrong with the site? This is something i would really be interested in . Is it the PRO model you tested ?
  • Ray
    I'll test it with my Kill-A-Watt meter on some things and check the voltage and amperage at various stages of dishcharge
  • Ray
    I gave it a try just now and it worked for me, maybe they were working on it, I know that the owner said they were going to have the launch site up in about a week. Looks like they will be giving 20% off.
  • Nitehawk
    Nice , I just tried again and got the same error wonder if it is because I am in quebec???
    is the URL giving me the problem . I get this when i sign up at the bottom of your link in the discription
  • Nitehawk
    I just sent them an email so all is well will keep you up to date if/when i purchase the unit
  • Nitehawk
    If you want to sign up for this use this web site. Also a lot of info on the new launch here
  • Ray
    Oh, yes I'm getting that error too, will let them know.
  • Ray
    Finally getting some clear sunny weather here on the coast to complete my review.
    It can take up to 300 watts of solar panel input. Should have a second video out soon

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