• hawk
    I want to upgrade the water pump in the 5th wheel.would like to get away from the one I have now which cycles on off per usage
  • Herb
    I'm not 100% sure but all pumps have to cycle on & off unless you have a gravity feed or air pressure style. Way back in my first RV days I had a small water tank above the sink and it was gravity flow. Also had older camper that air pressure 'pushed' the water out of the tank & thru the lines. We didn't have a shower back then though & only one sink. Now a days the water tank is in the frame below all the items requiring water. Water usually needs pressure to flow up hill. I use a Sur Flow Ultra Quiet. It is very quiet and works well. You may want to try one with an accumulator tank as well.
  • Jim Litz
    Adding an accumulator tank will smooth out the pump cycling.
  • Lisa's RV Experience
    My water pump cycles on an off when the water is on, that's they way it works. I understand that you can buy a higher quality water pump that's not as loud. I just had to replace mine but wanted to avoid any modifications to I purchased the newer model of what I had and sure enough I still get the off and on noise like the first one. If you do find a quieter one please post it if you purchase a quieter one.
  • Willie
    Those of you who boondock, don’t be in a hurry to replace your noisy water pump with a quieter one.

    We can carry 40 gallons of fresh water. When we boondock we try and remember to turn off the water pump switch when we’re not using water. Luckily the switch is close to the sink.

    One night we were sleeping and were awakened by the “noisy” pump running. Seems that a water fitting in the bowels of the truck broke and my precious fresh water was being pumped out of the tank. We caught it fairly quickly and before my precious fresh water disappeared into the desert sand.

    So consider your noisy fresh water pump to be a friendly reminder of how much water you’re using and one day it could be the proverbial canary in the coal mine if a break develops in your fresh water system.
  • Nitehawk
    If the pump is cycling on and off for no reason the there is a pressure leak somewhere. It took me forever to find mine. I found it finally in the hotwater check valve that was attached to the tank. Remedied it by installing an in line valve and complete by pass to make winterizing safer
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