• Greg F
    This is a mod I had been wanting to do for a while. The Mag-Hytec differential cover has 3 nice benefits vs. the stock cover. These are available for a wide variety of trucks.

    The biggest benefit is that the new cover has a drain plug. Traditional fluid replacement is done by removing the cover or using suction through the filler plug. Removing the cover does allow a visual inspection but is a bit of a mess and suction doesn't do as good a job removing the fluid. The drain plug should make the fluid change process easier and less messy on the road.

    The second benefit is that the increased amount of fluid which will help with fluid life and temperature. The old cover drained about 3.5 quarts. I believe the manual calls for around 4. The new cover adds 2+ quarts as it took 6 to the full line on the dipstick.

    The last benefit is that this cover includes a dipstick to make checking fluid level and fluid condition easy.

    Here are a couple pics of the install. The only real unexpected work was to modify a bracket for some lines which wasn't a big deal. I am impressed by the quality. This is a well made piece. I may go ahed and order one for the front differential as well.

    Stock cover.

    New cover.

    Here is the rear diff with the cover off.

    New diff installed and modified bracket.

  • Brian Snyder
    Great idea! Thanks for the pictures.
  • Gordy
    Please check out this series.

  • Greg F
    Can't seem to find part 3 of 3 of the series, the testing results. I did notice that Banks does also offer a diff cover themselves now. Gale Banks is a very good salesman. It would be interesting to see the data for all that empirical testing he talked about in parts 1 and 2 if there is a link. His collection of videos seem to skip that and fast forward a year and a half to the marketing video of their offering.
  • Gordy
    I also couldn't find part three. I did look at other videos from multiple sources and I believe if anyone is going to to do a rear differential cover they should review the data. I personally would go with a banks. I only wish I had the $$
    Best of luck.
  • Greg F
    Glad it wasn't just me. It seems that if the data supported all the suppositions Gale made in the first 2 videos he would have published it to prove his assertions. Especially given all the time and painstaking details he claims to have gone through for accuracy.

    In the end he is another aftermarket manufacturer and his top job is to sell merchandise. As it should be for him to be successful.

    The biggest benefit for the aftermarket cover for me is the drain plug making fluid replacement simple with just a funnel and a jug.

    The service interval specified is every 15,000-20,000 miles. That will be about once a year for us. Having the ability to do it myself for just the cost of the fluid is appealing.
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